Over 2.5 goals Accumulators and Tips

Daily selection of two games by our experienced tipsters which has the potential to see 3 or more goals. This is ideal for small and medium stakes.

The bet on 2.5 goals

The Over 2.5 goals wager is a pretty simple and self-explanatory concept. When you back ‘over 2.5 goals’ in a match, as long as 3 or more goals are scored in the fixture within the regulation time you win the bet.

What is an Over 2.5 goals accumulator?

This is nothing but a set of fixtures all put under a single bet. For one to win the over 2.5 goals Acca, all matches under the bracket should have met the criteria.

Failing in any one of the selections results in the failure of the entire bet. This is why higher returns on investment are up for grabs.

How to select matches for Over 2.5 goals Acca?

The teams that should be on the top of your list while going for this accumulator should be the sides that promise a lot of goals, either by scoring them or conceding them.

Teams like PSG or Liverpool who are filled with world-class forwards can single-handedly win you the bet. This is irrespective of their team’s defensive displays which more often than not is solid and likely to keep clean sheets.

Teams like the current Newcastle United or Greuther Fürth with their poor defences are excellent candidates as well to be considered while picking fixtures for the accumulator. This is despite the teams not offering many goals while going forward.

However, it is the teams that score goals for fun while not emphasizing a lot on defence that should be on top of your list. Current teams like today’s Borussia Dortmund or Lazio fall into this category.

Clubs that take the defence first approach should rather be avoided while trying your hands at this accumulator.

Long-time football fans would be familiar with the Catenaccio that the Italian teams deployed. Most memorably the AC Milan side that won Serie A in the 1993-94 season by scoring just 36 goals but conceding a mere 15 goals.

While younger viewers can relate to the tactics Mourinho’s teams followed in away legs of Champions League matches over the years to come away with a goalless draw.

Why should I go for the Over 2.5 goals accumulator?

The bet proves to be one of the safest and most straightforward options available for punters. Goals from either side are considered for the wager, while own goals hold good as well.

The wager would stay alive even in the dying moments of the game which is a reason for its popularity. Furthermore, instead of backing one side or the final result, the option proves effective for a contest between equally strong teams.

Things to consider before going for this Acca

As in the case of any accumulator, the over 2.5 goals come with its own strings attached. This is why the returns offered are higher when compared to separate single bets to offset an increased risk.

Considering the high risks involved one should go through the tedious process of analyzing various stats of the teams over the season and beyond before trying their luck at this accumulator.

Hence why we at LeagueLane provide the best tips for Over 2.5 goals and other bets here put together by our team of experts to make things easier and more reliable.