UEFA Champions League

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Champions League Predictions and Tips

A competition with such a rich history surely attracts a lot of punters. Moreover, the fierce nature of the games vehemently increments the chances for goals, as well as surprising results.

It’s in your good interest to have experts guide you through this chaotic waters, and that’s where we come in. At LeagueLane, we have an enormous number of specialists following matches in the UCL day and night.

Unlike other sites, we give equal priority to each and every game, rather than dedicating a lion’s share of our time to the ones that involve hot-shots. Every fixture is subjected to an in-depth review by our team members, who nominate two to three high-value tips, which in turn are subjected to the analysis of experienced pundits.

Information, Key Stats & In-depth Analysis for every Match of the season

As can be seen from previous results, goals are prevalent occurrences in these games, in spite of the oppositions involved. To quote a stat, the 64 fixtures so far this season have produced 3.23 goals per encounter, and by default, these matches are potent sources of revenue for bettors.

The matches are subjected to a scrutiny of detailed stats of either team involved. Performances of both squads are considered up to even two decades back, with priority being in direct proportion to how recent the fixtures were. To this mix comes the performances of individual players, their ambitions, mentalities, and how well the members of a team are gelling together.

The analysis further creeps upon the head-to-head results of the squads involved, and the rivalry between the teams.

Several other factors are put under the microscope as well. Whether one of the teams involved are fatigued due to congested schedules, whether they are undergoing a managerial change, if any player is recovering from an injury and things of that similar nature.

Furthermore, one important factor that demands review is the venue of the fixture. The away handicap is a huge parameter that holds huge influence when it comes to matches in the CL.

With clubs coming from different countries, away games are even tougher for traveling contingents, and with paramount stakes involved, home teams would be further eager to utilize this advantage to the utmost.

A great example for this scenario would be how Barcelona was humbled the last season at Anfield, despite being the favorites to easily go through.

In addition, tactics employed by the respective gaffers, the teams’ performance against counterparts of higher as well as lower caliber are taken into account as well.

UEFA Champions League History at a glance

Ah! The joy that is football, and the thrill that is the UCL. This is a tournament that only the true elite of the sport aspire to go after. Such is the level of competition offered in chasing this glory that it’s deemed to be the toughest of football achievements there is.

Constituted in 1955 as the European Cup, and later revamped and rebranded as the Champions League, the tournament has been witnessing to many a great moments in its long history.

For long, the winner of this prestigious contest has been afforded the authority to make the claim of being the best in Europe, and by default, the best in the world.

With the 65th season of the competition currently in process, we take a brief look back to the ten unforgettable moments the UCL has provided us.

Tournament Format

79 teams (including the qualification phase) from 54 different leagues take part in this prestigious tournament, in hopes of etching their name in eternity.

The top-most clubs are offered a direct entry into the contest, while some have to take the indirect route of playoffs, and qualifiers. Moreover, the elite leagues are afforded up to four tickets to the group stage itself, while the ones with lower coefficient are given fewer entries.

The main phase of the competition has a total of 32 teams, divided into eight groups, of four each. These cavalries take on each other twice, once at home, and on the road, with a win warranting three points, and a draw carrying a single point.

At the end of the group stage, two teams each progress to the round of 16, and from there on, lots are picked to determine the fixtures. Once again two-legged ties are used to determine the victor, with only the final being conducted as a one-off game, in an earlier-determined neutral location.

When does LeagueLane post Champions League Match Previews ?

Due to the heavy traffic involved, and widespread attention from all over the world, we make it a priority to provide you with our previews and analyses 48 hours before the kick-off of respective games. This should give the reader ample time to arrive to a judgment on which punts to make.