Most Influential Women in Football

Who says that men are the best in football? Yes, football has always been considered a traditionally male sport.

However, women gain more and more importance in this sport. And from this article, you will get to know about the most successful and influential women in the most popular sports.

Marina Granovskaya, an executive director

Why do many men want to try Russian dating? Because Russians are one of the strongest nations in the world. And here is the proof of this. The edition of The Times called Marina Granovskaya “the most influential woman in football”. She is Roman Abramovich’s assistant in London’s Chelsea and she leads an extremely private life, but she has the fame of the chief business strategist at the club. Granovskaya is known as a tough negotiator, and thanks in large part to this skill, Chelsea not only buys players for big money but also sells them for no less. In addition, she was able to reconfigure the system for working with young players and make a profitable deal with Nike.

Chrisula Kurobiliya, a referee

This beautiful blonde has a great experience in the work of a football referee. Regardless of her difficult and responsible profession, a woman always keeps herself in shape. Footballers and fans are always pleased to see such a referee on the field. Chrisula, like many women in football, was often offered naked photo shoots for magazines. But she has always refused such things, arguing that candid photos discredit female referees as professionals.

Alex Morgan, a footballer

The ratings of the best female footballers are headed by this forward of the US team. Morgan is famous for her speed. And, by the way, since childhood, the trainer trained her to run fast. And yes, when she doesn’t train, she writes children’s books – about football players. These books are also very successful: her opus in the bestseller list according to the New York Times.

Bibiana Steinhaus, a referee

Women referees are not so rare phenomenon in modern football, but only some of them get to the highest level. The 39-year-old Bibiana Steinhaus, who debuted in the Bundesliga (and became the first female referee in the European top leagues) last season, is well-known in German football. She has nineteen years of experience, ten of them in the second division of Germany, where she earned the authority needed for any serious referee.

Ana Paula Oliveira, a referee

Beautiful Ana is one of the very first female referees in football history. Throughout Ana’s career, many fans attended matches of the teams they didn’t support just to look at Anna as a referee. But in 2007, a turning point occurred in the career of a referee – she shot for Playboy magazine, for which she was suspended from the work of a football referee for almost a year. Then it was discussed not only in many media but also in a professional environment. Ana rallied and continued to judge matches a year later. She is not going to finish her career.

Margarita Louis-Dreyfus, an owner of a football club

This smiling blonde was born in St. Petersburg. After graduation, Margarita married a driver and moved with her husband to Switzerland. In a foreign country, an active girl quickly found work. Years passed, Margarita broke up with her husband and was alone. Once, during the flight from Zurich to London, she met the billionaire Louis-Dreyfus, whom she later married. But her marriage didn’t last long – her husband died and she inherited his football club Marseille. Since then, Margarita runs the club and is the richest Russian woman in the world according to Forbes magazine.