England Championship

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EFL Championship Match Previews

The EFL Championship is the second division in the English football structure and the highest tier within the English Football League.

The league consists of 24 teams from England and Wales, who face every other team in the division in home and away fixtures in 46 matches from August to May.

At the end of the season, the top two clubs make it directly into the Premier League while teams that finish in the 3rd to 6th positions compete in a two-legged semi-final, followed by the playoffs final at Wembley to decide the 3rd team to get up into the 1st division.

While the bottom three teams in the division are banished into the EFL League One which acts as the 3rd division in English football and 2nd tier in the EFL.

Despite being a second division league, the Championship is the wealthiest non-top-flight football division in the world, the ninth-richest division in Europe, and the tenth best-attended division in world football.

With investments unparalleled to any other secondary league in the world, the quality of football and entertainment is on par with the world’s most elite leagues.

Moreover, with the prospect of promotion into the promised land of Premier League football the battles are always intense and highly unpredictable.

What makes the Championship an exciting prospect for punters?

With the division consisting of teams striving to become Premier League clubs, the quality of football and style of play is as close as any league can get to that of the Premiership in England.

The highly physical and fast-paced build-up style of gameplay the league delivers is a joy to watch in the eyes of the beholder.

While it is the usual flip flop teams like Norwich and Fulham that make it up and down the top two divisions of English football often.

The division has its fair share of Premier League staples that make it down to the division following year(s) of poor performances like Newcastle and West Ham.

On the other hand, we have seen fairy tales of teams that have been stuck in the EFL finally make it up into the Prem such as Brentford and Brighton.

The division is also no stranger to giants of English football such as Sunderland and Blackburn Rovers, demoted into the league and have a rapid fall from grace falling further down into League One.

On the brighter side of things, Leicester who had their development in the division has trail-blazed a path for the teams of this league to one day be crowned Champions of England.

Why is LeagueLane the best place to come for Championship tips?

The Championship is one of the most intense leagues in the world. With its grueling schedule of 46 games per team, the competition demands a lot not only from the athletes but for the viewers and punters alike.

With the games spread across the weekdays and weekends, it is pretty difficult to wrap your heads around the action let alone the hours of analysis and observations across various stats from infinite sources.

That is why we here at LeagueLane let our experts put in hours of toil and years of experience so that you can get the most reliable tips with just a click.

Our preview gives you a gist of the team’s current form leading into the contest and what is to be expected from the game in a nutshell.

However, a team’s form alone might be misleading in certain cases especially against a particular opponent in front of the given crowd. To let the readers, know the history between the two clubs in question we provide you with their head-to-head record.

This is followed by two or at the most three bets that our tipsters believe has winning potential. The section also describes a transparent explanation for picking the wagers.

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We are as excited to provide you with the tips as soon as possible as you are to access them. Hence, you can be assured the previews would be made available at least 48 hours before kickoff.