Daily HT/FT Accumulator Tips

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What is HT/FT Bet?

HT/FT is a good option if you are looking to win a huge bet. This bet means that you predict the outcome for half-time and full-time. You are simply predicting which team will lead at half-time and which team will win in the end.

For example, if Manchester City are playing against Leeds at home and you bet on a Home win – Home win. Let’s say that City won the first half by 1-0 and then they win the game at full-time. This means you have won the bet. The odds are usually high for an HT/FT bet, this bet gives a high outcome for the punters if they win it.

Types of Half-Time/Full-Time Bets

Let‘s take a look at the various types of HT/FT bets.

1) Home Win/Home Win (1/1)

The home team must win at half-time and they must win the game at the end of the second half. This is the most popular category.

2) Home Win/Draw (1/X)

The home team must win at half-time, but the game ends in a draw at full-time.

3) Home Win/Away Win (1/2)

The home team wins at half-time. However, the away team makes a comeback and wins full-time.

4) Draw/Home Win (X/1)

This simply means that the game ends in a draw at half-time, but the home team will win at full-time.

5) Draw/Draw (X/X)

Both halves of the game must end in a draw.

6 ) Draw/Away Win (X/2)

The first-half ends in a draw, and the away team wins the match.

7) Away Win/Home Win (2/1)

For this criteria, the away team must win at half-time, and the home team must win the match.

8) Away Win/Draw (2/X)

At half-time, the away team must lead. At the end of the second half, the game must end in a draw.

9.Away Win/Away Win (2/2)

The away team must lead at half-time and then win the match.

In the above examples, 1 stands for home team, X stands for a draw and 2 stands for the Away team.

What About Extra Time?

Extra time does not count in this bet. Only the result at the end of 90 minutes counts for HT/FT bet. The same case is applicable to penalties as well.

How Does HT/FT 1/1 Betting Work?

The simple explanation for this bet is that the home team will win the match at half-time as well as at the end of the second half. Usually, Punters opt for this bet for teams that are at the top of the table and have an excellent winning record.

Nature of the game

The game’s nature is important to take into consideration. For a Cup final or a game between the top two teams, it is less likely that the number of goals scored in each half would be high. A good example of this is the UEFA Champions League final between Manchester City and Chelsea in 2021.

Also, for a team that is defensive, it is likely that the first half will end in a draw.

Our Advice

The first thing to do is to start picking each match from various leagues and try to see which team will likely win in the first half. Teams such as Manchester United usually score in the second half of the game. In such cases, you can back them to win full-time.

The most important thing is that you should do proper research on both the teams’ form, past records and also the goal-scoring form of the players. All of this data will certainly help you place the most accurate wager.

Our aim at LeagueLane is to provide you with accurate information regarding the team’s form, head-to-head records, and other important statistics. This will help you make a good decision when it comes to HT/FT Bets.