High RTP Slot Machines – Insider Tips for New Players

Insider Tips for New Players

Slots with high RTP are online casinos’ main attraction, but new players shouldn’t focus on this alone. If you’re looking to maximize your chances next time you visit the casino, you have to consider a few other under the hood details. We’ll teach you how to use this information to your advantage and prepare you for any scenario with experienced-backed budgeting tips.

Should you play slot machines with high RTP?

It’s vital to know the RTP of the slot you play because this number may influence how you experience your session. High RTP slots can return more to players over long series of spins, making them more attractive from a payout point of view. For the same reason, more and more players steer online, as land-based venues have to lower the RTP of their slot machines to cover utilities and other costs.

Top 7 highest RTP slots

Slot name Provider RTP
Jackpot 6000 NetEnt 98.9%
Goblin’s Cave Playtech 99.3%
Ugga Bugga Playtech 99.07
Book of 99 Relax Gaming 99%
Nemo’s Voyage Playtech 99%
Mega Joker NetEnt 99%
Ooh Aah Dracula Barcrest 99%

A proven way to increase your odds


The Return to Player rate clarifies how much of players’ stakes return to them in the long run. Implicitly, it also determines how much the casino keeps from the total pool of staked money.

A high RTP works so that the staked money is instead passed on between players, with the casino keeping a small share.

You could think of house edge in reverse to better understand how it works. If a game Returns 97% to Players, that means 3% goes to the casino. For every 100 coins spent, you get 97 back, and the casino keeps 3. But all this happens at a scale of thousands of spins, so in practice, you might not win 97 coins the same evening you fed the slot machine 100 coins.

Admittedly, RTP remains a critical metric to assess if you want to increase your odds against the one-armed bandit. You should lean towards high RTP slots as a baseline strategy since these games put you at an advantage, statistically speaking. Still, don’t stop here. Read on to uncover the whole picture.

Why high RTP is not all that matters

Remember RTP is calculated by running the game’s random number generator for many spins. So, your gameplay sequence may not get to the point where you reach that RTP. That is the precise reason why your slot choices shouldn’t be restricted by this factor alone.

How volatility affects your results

If you played enough slot games, you’ve probably noticed that some tend to reward you more frequently, while others pay just once in a while but more substantially. It’s not RTP that influences the frequency of your winnings, but volatility – or variance.

Volatility can be low, medium, or high. Depending on how all the parameters are set, it can greatly impact how your session unfolds.

Choosing high RTP games is a somewhat safe avenue. Although inherently random, the higher returning slots give you mathematically proven, better odds. In this case, it’s the other way around. Higher volatility will make the slot act more ‘randomly’ in the way it pays out.

Examples abound of players who try a high volatility slot for the first time and get surprised by substantial wins in a few spins. But a fair share of people never wins anything playing the same game countless times!

A slot’s volatility may be responsible for such conflicting experiences, so keep this detail on your radar.

Start small and increase your stake as you go


Experienced players will tell you that proper budgeting is the only way to keep your hobby afloat without sinking into income-draining sequences.

Don’t expect to win millions. Instead, set realistic expectations for your gaming sessions, for example, maintaining your bankroll for as long as possible.

You can achieve this by keeping a close eye on the games you play and how they affect your balance. The right attitude is tricky to attain, but it always helps to start small and increase your spin size progressively.

Gamble as if you don’t mind losing that sum, but in such a way that you delay or even prevent losing it.

Can the Martingale system help?

Staking systems are helpful in skill-based casino games. Sports bettors and blackjack players may use the Martingale system, which implies doubling a lost stake, to recover prior losses and profit. The technique has been used as an investment strategy, but it comes with significant financial risk.

It’s not advised to use the Martingale system in slot games because they are essentially random. You can’t refine your prediction or know in any way when a winning spin will land.

Instead, you can alternate high and low variance games and keep playing with a fixed stake. Should your bankroll grow considerably, only then consider raising spin size.

Limit your losses proactively


Assuming you are gambling online, a more aggressive but efficient way to limit your losses is by using responsible gambling tools. Loss limits can be configured at daily to monthly intervals and will help you stick within predetermined limits.

You simply access your account panel and click on the option, enter how much you’re comfortable losing in a set period, and you’re good to go. Explore the Responsible tab further, and discover which tools suit you best.

Not even insider tips can beat randomness

We emphasized that informed slots choices can positively affect your gaming sessions. Although mathematically, high RTP slots can increase your chances, volatility comes into play and affects your results. You can choose your games to fit your bankroll better, but you can never rule out their hazardous nature.

That’s why you should take any insider tips and strategies, no matter how empirically based, with a grain of salt. Slot games are random at their core, rendering all staking systems and experience-based analysis relatively pointless. The main advice new slot players should extract from this article is to take it easy, play responsibly, minimize their losses and maximize their enjoyment before it’s too late.