3 Unwritten Rules of Football Gambling

    You lay on your comfortable sofa with a beer in your hand and the remote in the other. Your favourite team is playing an important match. It’s five minutes before the final whistle and your heart rate is racing faster and faster. Will they succeed to score that winning goal?

    The forwarder gets past its opponents and goes straight to the goal post. Meanwhile, you feel chills coming down your spine and you gasp for breath before the last kick. He fails! You sit down on your sofa disappointed, looking at your soccer bet that didn’t bring you more quid.

    When it comes to sports betting, football is probably at the top of the list. We wouldn’t know to say why, but bookmarkers made sure that they have all the tools to provide the right information for soccer enthusiasts.

    That is why, when you enter a gambling portal like kingcasinobonus, you have a list of all teams, Premier League matches, updated odds and many other features. But there is no perfect recipe that can assure a winning bet, but what you can do is consider some tips that can help you a little bit.

    Stay away from cash out

    Even though it may be tempting to quit while you are ahead and withdraw what you already won, in fact, that is not a good idea. If you decide to cash out, you will make a cut of your overall return before your bet is finished.

    This means that every time you withdraw, you risk throwing away a potential winner. Sure, the other side of the story is that you need to have a little nerve to see what the last minutes of the game bring. Don’t forget to check the odds before placing your bet.

    Forget about FA Cup

    Sure, you enjoy watching those challenging matches, but staking on events that happen during this competition can be a foolish move.

    The FA Cup is a time where lower league teams play against Premier League ones so your predictions wouldn’t be entirely correct. Besides the fact that some of these games aren’t televised, line-ups rotate from time to time and the pitches may not be as secure as you think.

    Yes, these matches can provide you with the right dose of entertainment but won’t be a time when you should place some wagers.

    Stake on teams in big games at home

    The third possible outcome (draw) can make football gambling more complicated, but on the other hand, it also makes it more rewarding. How?

    Well, the draw makes the odds of the other two outcomes more favourable. If a match ends in a draw that means that the potential payouts are valuable. This can amplify when there is a competition between two good teams.

    For example, if Manchester City is playing Newcastle at the Etihad, the City’s odds to win could be anywhere from -700 to -900 and this will lead to a bet of £700 if you want to win £100. Sure, it can be a safe wager, but you will have to stake some large amounts in order to play.

    However, if the City is playing Liverpool, its odds will be around +300, which means that a wager of £100 would win you £300. To sum it up, skilful teams have higher payouts in big games, so you may want to take that into account the next time you bet on Liverpool.

    Sports betting is surely an enjoyable activity for some and scoring some winnings is the cherry on top. Make sure that you choose bookmakers that are safe for you and pay attention to some sporting tips before placing your bet.