New Casinos Includes Italy in Launching Plans

Italy is one of the most charming countries in the world. People like it because of the excellent food, great history, beautiful landscapes, and friendly people.

Although a modern country in so many ways, Italy is also specific in terms of tradition. Italian people care a lot about tradition, and they do that in a specific way.

In many aspects of life, they like to do things in the old way. Food is a perfect example, where they are very sensitive to changes and implementations of modern cuisine. So, you may presume that the Italian approach to gambling is also interesting.

Italy has been friendly to online gaming for a long time, for nearly two decades. However, Italians were resisting a lot to this form of gambling in the past.

Their approach to social life is specific and traditional at the same time. Old forms of land-based casinos and gambling, in general, were always dominant.

This started to change in the last couple of years, especially after the big lockdown in 2020. That’s why online casinos look at the Italian market in a little bit different way these days.

Online casino legislation has been open to various forms of gaming for years. It all started in 2003 and by 2007, pretty much all forms of online gaming became legal. This includes slots, table games, poker, craps, scratchcards, keno, Slingo and live casino, as well as traditional forms of gambling like Bingo and lottery, which have been “virtualized” as well.

The development of the Italian online casino industry had ups and downs. For some period of time, one of the many Italian governments we’ve seen in the last 50 years took a little bit more “patriotic” stance and changed regulations.

During this period, only Italian operators had permission to provide online gaming services. However, this wasn’t in accordance with EU regulations. So, Brussels eventually forced Italy to allow abroad casinos to operate as well.

Although Italy has been open to operators from all around the form, it was often neglected in the business plans of many operators.

The reason was quite simple. As we already mentioned, the form of online gambling wasn’t initially accepted all that well.

There was no point in troubling with gaining the Italian gaming license, which is necessary for every online casino that wants to operate in this country.

If you look at and compare the supply of casinos in UK och Germany with Italy, you can see a significant change in the last 2 years where more and more online casinos operators choose to launch in Italy along with the other more popular countries.

However, things changed two years ago, with the Covid-19 outbreak. Gaming enthusiasts went online so, eventually, big market growth happened. According to some estimations, the market is now at least 25% bigger than before, which has attracted new operators to this part of the world.

As a logical consequence of this market growth, more and more operators are considering gaining the Italian license. New casinos now include Italy in their launching plans as they are sure that the market will continue to grow.

Such market growth made operators more interested but also drew the attention of authorities. Considering the rise in popularity, the government quickly realized the benefits, so it wasn’t a surprise to see a tax increase.

What’s interesting about this country is that operators aren’t the only ones to pay taxes. Players pay them as well, but only in case they win more than €500. Before the latest update, that tax was 6% but now it’s 10%.

On the other hand, taxes on lottery winnings are slightly lower (8%). In that way, authorities have unballasted operators for a bit and as a result, there are already more than 160 online casinos that operate under the Italian license.

What we expect to see in the future is further growth in the popularity of online gaming. Logically, that will bring more operators to this Mediterranean country.

We are sure that these minimal changes in taxation policy won’t change the course. After all, more and more online casinos are announcing their plans to operate in Italy, and we have no doubt that the Italian market will continue to grow.

On the other side, a good thing for Italians is that the current legislation is already very welcoming to pretty much all forms of online gaming, so further changes and adaptations to the latest industry trends won’t need to be radical.