What are the Most Popular Ways to Make Money from Football?

Joyful business men supporting their favorite football teams in excitement

People always dream of an easy life, and apparently, the more money you have, the easier life becomes. While this may not always prove to be the case, it certainly helps! So just how can you go about earning these desired riches?

Asides from putting in long hours working or crossing your fingers for a bit of luck on the lottery, you may feel it’s not easy to stack up big piles of cash. However, if you are a football fan, and feel confident in your knowledge of the game you may wish to try your hand at making some extra money this way.

People have been betting on sports for years, and, with the arrival of the internet, online football betting has made gigantic steps in recent times. The ease of access to betting sites online has created a whole new generation of people dreaming of making their fortune from betting. So how are they going about it?

The Change to Betting Online

The days of rushing to a traditional bookmaker to get your bets on are over. While some still enjoy going for the atmosphere and possibly old times sake, things are moving on rapidly in the gambling world. Simply possessing a smart device means your worries of missing a bet are a thing of the past.

You can now open accounts with most bookmakers online, who are only too happy for you to join their site with a minimum of fuss made. Some may feel this process is a bit too easy, and in fact dangerous to people who can very quickly lose control of their emotions while playing. It can be easy to lose sight of reality while betting online.

Numerous heartbreaking stories of lost fortunes and mental health problems have arisen from online gambling. But as a source of entertainment, it is nearly unrivaled, and the hope of winning big motivates many onto continuing their journey. Combined with a love of their favorite sport, sometimes it can be a thrilling ride!

Can You Pick A Winner?

Probably the most popular single market for betting in football, and for sure the most commonly known, is the simple win market. With two teams playing, there can be three outcomes, in which the betting selections are known as Home-Draw-Away, or Win-Draw-Win. Sounds easy right? Unfortunately, picking in the match result market is not as stress-free as gamblers would like!

While most would bet on teams having home advantage, some factors have to be taken into account here. Maybe the away team is genuinely stronger and more fancied to win. Perhaps the odds on offer on a strong home team winning are so poor, it may not be worth the risk. As any football fan, or sports fan, will tell you, upsets do happen.

Some prefer to take this route, choosing to pick the underdogs in matches to come out on top. This may be profitable if not approached too recklessly. Not all underdogs will win, and it’s very hard to judge. Even the best teams can have an off day, it’s having the luck of pouncing on that result. It takes patience and a good temperament to stick with these tactics.

Looking for a Big Win?

Every gambler dreams of having a big win now and again, some even manage it more than most. If you are quite confident in your ability to choose winning selections, you may wish to put them all together in an accumulator bet. An accumulator bet can consist of anywhere between 4 and 20 selections.

It must be said that while the odds of your bet increase as you add to it, the chances of winning decrease. Most bettors stick to between 4 and 5 selections to give themselves reasonable hopes of winning. Small stakes on these types of bets have been known to provide tremendous returns, in some cases changing lives.

You can mix and match sports in these bets, or even do a variety of football bets. Match result, the total number of goals scored in the match, or if both teams will score in the match can all be added to your bet. Some like to do season-long accumulators in football aiming to predict the winners of each respective football division.

The Future is Here

Boosting the appeal of online gambling, even more, the option of in-play betting has both fascinated and frustrated punters of the most recent generation. Online betting sites like lvbet.com provide the opportunity to place bets while the game is underway. However, this is an area which if not handled correctly by cool-headed gamblers could result in serious losses.

Inexperienced gamblers watching the game can make some reckless bets. It’s hard to look at the game and not bet, as gamblers feel like they have to be involved in everything. Suddenly your passion for football and simply logging into your account to watch a game could turn into an expensive mistake as you get bogged down in a series of silly bets.

Experienced gamblers watch closely and it can pay off. If a team is playing strongly or expected to win but concede the first goal, it may be worth looking at their odds as you may get improved returns from a game it’s clear they are doing well in. Some swear by in-play betting as it allows them to watch first before making any decisions about getting involved.

Looking For Some Help?

Feeling alone or helpless in your quest to make your fortune from football? Fear not, as there is an abundance of avenues for you to explore to help boost your chances of achieving your dream. Sometimes, unfortunately, your knowledge and love of the game are simply not enough.

There is a wealth of information available on the internet to help you on your way, ranging from free to paid sites and services. Social media has football group pages specifically set up with the aim of common people uniting in sharing tips and knowledge to take cash from the bookies.

Tipsters have appeared, promising the best tips available and an easy extra income. Sometimes free, most demand a subscription fee in return for receiving their tips. Few have delivered, horror stories of terrible tips have emerged and the general consensus in the betting world is that paying for tips is not right, even though the practice continues unabated.


Football is a game to be enjoyed, and if it plays a big part in your life already, many find having bets on the games simply makes it even more exciting. The chance to make some cash from a sport you follow with great interest can be too appealing for many to turn down.

No longer do you have to go to the dingy or soulless street bookmakers, you can choose to have a bet whenever or wherever you wish. Due to mobile technology, your options are endless. Now your only problem is picking a winner! Many like straightforward single bets, whereas some prefer resting an accumulator in search of higher payouts.

Numbers trying the experience of in-play betting has increased as the novelty of getting involved during the game appeals to many. If you wish to boost your chances of winning, which some may debate, feel free to browse your social media accounts or indeed specialized websites that may provide the help you need. Betting on football is not to be taken lightly, and if you feel you are developing a problem please don’t hesitate to contact Gamcare for help.