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Friday, 17 March 2023
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Most Accurate Football Predictions for the English Premier League

With a history of hitting the right spot when it comes to predictability of the most commercially covered league in the world, our specialists examine statistics, consider prospective angles, and compare them to bookmaker odds before making each Premier League prediction.

With LeagueLane here to offer top tips on the English Premier League you can’t help but be the best-informed! Reds, Blues, Gunners, Citizens we’ll guide you through!

The high-octane, entertaining matches and an array of world-class popular players from all over the world ensure great odds and prediction wins for the EPL. You can’t be wrong for such a big event, so what better place to wager a bet on the winner or the man of the match than follow LeagueLane English Premier League tips and predictions by us? Let’s get started with your inquiries.

When to check for our predictions before a Premier League match?

An early bird catches the best prey, don’t they say? We’re all about attaining early value, and the Premier League’s popularity means odds can shorten quickly on the day of a match if the bids are in faster.

Our tipsters conduct research and publish their forecasts as soon as possible in order to get you the best chance at better prices. Here’s when they’ll be available for the upcoming Premier League match:

The Tips are published at least 48 hours before the kick-off giving our readers enough time to cash on the best odds available.

What we’re trying to say is, no matter whether the match is just an hour away or a fortnight, we’ll have the best odds for you ready to bid.

What do we base our betting predictions for the Premier League on?

Predictions are nothing but pure Mathematics, a brilliant combination of reviewing all possible permutations and combinations and sorting the best one from expertise.

Right from the strongest players of the game like Manchester United and Chelsea or outsiders, a quantitative way forward paves the path in determining the most likely score lines and match outcomes.

But is that enough, just reviewing the stats? We think in order to crack a good EPL table of predictions the game’s unpredictability also needs to be taken into account. Ronaldo’s return from last season is proof enough. Isn’t this why the game is what it is for each and every English football fan out there?

We consider individual player motivation and situational factors like match importance into account for every upcoming encounter to give out the best possible predictions for you to bid on.

What is the best method to wager a bet on the Premier League?

You have a wide range of options at your disposal. In-play betting is great for Premier League fans due to the league’s quick pace, and the classic accumulator is one of our most popular bets for the English topflight. When betting on the Premier League, it’s also worth taking advantage of new client offers – our free bets section highlights below helps you compare the finest of them.