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Need a heads up on who is the favorite to win the world cup this summer? Look no further! We’ve pulled together a wealth of insight on the teams and players that look to be in best shape to take home football's biggest prize. We also bring you a great World Cup preview so that you’re aware of all the best bits to look forward to in this upcoming tournament.

We look at a collection of essential factors when conducting our research and have compiled an analysis that puts you in the driving seat. Using our world football predictions you’ll be able to gather a great understanding of the most important aspects to consider before picking your favorites to do well in the competition. Our thorough breakdown covers:

  • Player form and team lineups
  • Historical data, performances and essential pre-tournament preparations
  • Statistics and information collected from many of the world’s most reliable sources

Looking to score some major wins this time round? We aim to provide you everything you need to know in order to make well informed decisions. There are a wealth of providers out there that’ll try and charge you for “prime picks” and World Cup predictions, but why bother paying more when you can dodge that bullet and get all the information you need right here!

Rely On Fifa World Cup Predictions Backed by Credible Sources

The world cup offers viewers something very different to any other football competition in the world. This is one of the only tournaments that will feature so many of the world’s best players. Not only is it amazing to watch, but from a betting perspective, upsets are certainly a major feasibility and if you follow our detailed World Cup previews and predictions carefully, this event provides huge scope for some incredible wins.

We scour the net and available statistics to identify the most important factors that all eagle eyed fans need to be aware of. Whether you’re looking to make a mega win or simply gain the edge to improve the fun of the spectacle, we’ve got you well and truly covered. Our range of helpful World Cup predictions include:

  • The teams most likely to win the tournament
  • Players in best form to take the golden boot
  • Highly rated teams that could experience a bad tournament
  • Players most likely to have a stellar tournament

A Tournament Like No Other

32 of the best national teams in the world face off in the biggest sporting competition on the planet. This tournament is played every 4 years and was last won by Germany. The current Champions remain in great form and are unquestionably one of this year’s leading favourites to take the title again.

Other hot contests include:

  • Brazil who have won the tournament 5 times before
  • Spain who are renowned for dominating the international game for many years leading up to the previous World Cup
  • France, a young team that look to be in great form leading into this summer.
  • And ultimately, Lionel Messi’s last chance to win a silverware with Argentina

There may be no such thing as a guaranteed World Cup prediction, but we do everything we can to help you feel especially confident in your picks with all the right intel. Check out our thoughts and get yourself well prepared for the greatest show on earth!

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