Who will sign Manuel Pellegrini next season ?

Wanting to stay in the league, and with a proven track record, Pellegrini has shown his worth, but who should sign him?

Manuel Pellegrini has shown that he can handle a team, granted it’s a team already stacked with talent, in Manchester City, but he could handle them none the less. In his three years at the club, he crafted a style known as ‘Death By Geometry’ as City became known for their intricate passing game and deadly finishing from all angles.

Managing a team full of highly-paid players with enormous egos to boot is not easy, and for the most part, Pellegrini has shown he can handle the issue that come with big money deals, keeping City in the title hunt in each year of his tenure as well as contending for English cups each year.

Through not great fault of his own, his tenure is coming to an end to make way for Pep Guardiola. Having managed the team in such a fashion, he deserved better treatment. In recent weeks he has publicly stated his desire to stay in the English Premier League and continue to ply his trade in the best league in the world.

A claim which should put plenty of boardrooms on notice. In the EPL there are plenty of teams who could do with a coaching change to help take them to that next level, but who needs it the most?

Without an argument, Pellegrini will be a perfect fit for Chelsea or Manchester United, but there is someone else who is already showing that they want him the most and it’s none other than football club based in Stoke-on-Trent.

Stoke City Chairman Peter Coates and their owners Bet365 must throw the chequebook at Pellegrini immediately. A consistent mid-table team with an unusually high number of Champions League winners on their books, Stoke need to take the next step to European football, and this is one of those steps that must be taken.

With star players Xhedran Shaqiri and Marco Arnautovic bearing most of the load of keeping this team a viable threat, they are in desperate need of becoming an attraction for players who bridge the gap between the best of Shaqiri and Arnautovic and players like Charlie Adam and Ibrahim Affelay who are the best of the next crop of players.

Three thing do that for clubs: Trophies and the ability to win them, quality coaches who get results and quality players whom other want to play with. There is one factor which can influence all three criteria, a coach, and a high quality one at that.

Pellegrini has worked at two of the biggest clubs in the world in the past six years in Real Madrid and Manchester City and that, along with his tactical acumen would be a factor in making Stoke an attraction for that next crop of player that they require.

If they decide to go with Pellegrini, then their football would likely improve, the quality of play would likely improve and the results could then improve. As such then the chance at trophies and the quality of player would improve. They could make leaps similar to that of West Ham and Southampton.

Of course, coaching appointments are a zero sum game, and things can change at the drop of a dime, but Stoke would be insane to miss this opportunity.

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