The Leicester City downbeat continues after another stunner

Not even at home, the Leicester City Foxes can put on a show and display their one of a kind magic that earned them the respect and admiration in the soccer world after their title winning fairy tale run last season.

No traces of that squad after its miracle of winning the league with a stunning fashion and with its eleven that all played in unison and now these are playing with such a discord and animosity!

Still the league being far from over but the way the City chaps are playing a mediocre and losing matches like there is no tomorrow, is putting its Boss in a dire situation as well looking like a firm candidate for relegation.

With another important match in league play, the Foxes were sporting a four match-losing streak and with just one point earned out of fifteen in play, a solution is far for this club to accomplish it anytime soon.

Being King Power Stadium in the backdrop the prospects of getting a positive result over a hot streaked United proved to be a difficult endeavor for Emperor Claudio Rainieri and his chaps looking to net a win.

At the end that became just a mirage for the defending champions as the whole afternoon their initial eleven just saw how an inspired Red Devils squad just show off its old might and football that has made them grand throughout the years.

With three answered scores from Manu strikers in Henrik Mkhitaryan who opened up the initial score with a nice play from midfield and without any opposition from the City defenders, he put his squad up front in the 42nd minute.

No later than two minutes past, when Mourinho Boys went up in the score with a nice push from Zlatan Ibrahimovic to send the visitors up in the 44th minute and putting them ahead for good until that opportune goal from Juan Mata in the second half.

That score prove to be the lethal blow for the Foxes and their game worsened as the visitors always looking forward to come ahead and extend their lead to more goals, but an opportune and valuable Kaspar Schmeichel came in the clutch.

In addition, the push and pride of a wounded warrior in Riyad Mahrez who put the posts of David De Gea in peril but with the Spaniard astute moves, kept him at the end of the match his clean sheet.

For the locals seeing their luck dwindle in each match played opposite to the Manu squad extending its unbeaten streak to fifteen matches and with his win they are just behind one point from the Liverpool Reds in the overall table.

To conclude for Leicester City, their situation is becoming scandalous as every week they are getting close to the infamous relegations spots and within one point advantage over Hull City and two from Sunderland and Crystal Palace.

These three squads so far in the abyss, their outlooks of moving out of the danger zone is within reach and possibly with another stumble from the Foxes they can make their move and seeing the defending champions fight for their lives.

Kudos for Manchester United playing like in its old days and jeers for the Leicester City squad playing a very pathetic and dirty football seeing its players venting their frustrations many times, will the Foxes go down?

Fern is a History Major born and raised in Tijuana and San Diego. He is currently working on his book about Soccer in America which will be published soon. And it will be called ‘Soccer Americana Style’.