Why Man City would be Insane to sack Manuel Pellegrini

If you ask me, as a United-leaning writer, the treatment of Manuel Pellegrini by Manchester City has been absolutely farcical even by recent standards in the Premier League. And I am not alone in this opinion. I am unfortunate enough to know many a City fan; each in agreement with this.

After what Pellegrini has done for the club and he seems to be at home minding the kids whilst Sheikh Mansour goes out in his Lamborghini to have some sort of sordid football affair with Pep Guardiola.

After the turbulent but successful era that came with the enigmatic Roberto Mancini the powers upstairs decided that they would opt for control at City. Thus, Manuel Pellegrini was appointed in the summer of 2013 and even at that time I thought City had trampled over Mancini a bit.

I was very impressed with City during that famous first Premier League title win and the wounds haven’t quite healed today. Mancini bought about one of the best title wins and one of the best finales to a season ever; one that helped what should have become a dynasty.

Nonetheless, now the situation is quite different. Manchester City are a bigger club now and if they couldn’t before can now compete with everyone and anyone. A club like that needs a big manager. One like Guardiola. But NOT Guardiola.

If you are reading this, Mr. Sheikh, which I assume you are, then heed my advice: stability is good. Loyalty is great. Respect is paramount. Pellegrini is in many ways the perfect all round manager.

When his side win he is the first to deflect praise onto his players, but he will also absorb the criticism when things go pair shaped. His man-management is as good as Klopp or Wenger: I can’t recall many (if any) reported bust ups. City is a happy camp.

I don’t wish to sound overly patriotic because I am not. I can take or leave a cup of tea; I am not overly fond of the concept of a royal family and you bet your last pound that I’d prefer sunny Benidorm to Skegness. But for speed and dynamism, you simply can’t beat the Premier League.

Time and again we are seeing managers try and fail to implement possession-based philosophies (the Sheikh need only look across the city to see how that can go wrong) and I honestly don’t see the attraction. The infatuation. I’ll share a secret with you: Barcelona and Bayern Munich can bore me to sleep sometimes.

The ends that must justify the means is titles. That’s the goal. That’s the roast chicken, here. Anything else like the FA Cup, the League Cup or the Champions League are just additions to the meal. And as far as my eye can see only two teams can stop Manchester City winning the league and one of them is City themselves.

All in all? It would be a huge error to knife Manuel Pellegrini in the back.


  1. Pellegrini is one of the finest managers in World Football at the moment. He has put all his effort in building a great squad now. And I can see the harmony in the squad with most of the players being unselfish on the pitch. And “YES” – Managers are brought in to win trophies and City are absolutely on track to win the Premier League this season.

    And if they are thinking Pep will buy them Champions League, then when was the last time he won it ? Let me tell you when, that was 2010–11 season, an year before he stepped down as Barcelona coach.

  2. Manchester City Owners don’t know how to manage people, sometimes they are blinded by the massive amounts of money that are at hand. MP will be snapped if you decide to end his contract.

    He is the perfect manager who ticks all the boxes, this could backfire on you.

    Your silence is deafening, you never say anything in support of your current manager.

    Pep should also be ashamed of himself for letting this situation escalate. He has engineered an auction for his services, disgraceful behaviour.

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