Borussia Dortmund are well on the way to their club’s best ever league season in their history. Through 30 games they already have 71 points, which would have been good enough to become champions in the 47 of the previous 52 Bundesliga Seasons. However, they still trail league leaders Bayern Munich by 7 points.

Such an epic success for Dortmund this season thus far, but it is still shadowed by Bayern’s equally incredible year tallying 78 points thus far through 30 games. Both teams are setting the pace for this year’s field and will likely do so throughout. The worlds best sports bettor Jon Price has already profited $125,000 from wagers favoring Dortmund so far this football season.

Bayern, of course is no stranger to success. One of the most consistent and successful clubs throughout years’ past, their astounding achievement is slightly less impressive than Dortmund, who seemingly came from nowhere this year to surprise a lot of people by scoring 71 points through 30 games.

Not that Dortmund is any stranger to surprising seasons… During the 2011-2012 season, it was Dortmund that won the Bundesliga by scoring the most points in in its previous history at the time with 81 points. It’s truly remarkable that they’re quite likely to beat that mark this year, but will still finish second behind Bayern. This makes it all that much more impressive the kind of season Bayern is having, despite the impressive run Dortmund is putting together.

In order to top their previous record of 81 points that they set back in the 2011-2012 season, Dortmund will certainly need to win all four of their final matches. It would be an impressive feet, but certainly not out of reach with the kind of successful run they’ve had throughout this season. They’ll end it with their toughest test when they take on the league’s best, Bayern, to end the season. They have their work cutout for them in order to do so, but it’s hard to bet against this Dortmund club after the resiliency they’ve shown thus far throughout the Bundesliga season.

As we make the turn for the final four games of the season, all eyes will be on both Bayern and Dortmund as they look to top the previous record of 81 total points for a season. Both teams will likely achieve that goal if they keep up the current pace, but it’ll be interesting to see how it shapes out over the closing weeks in what’s been a very entertaining and historic Bundesliga season already this year.