Ten Players with most Goals in a Premier League Season

    The likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and van Persie are often mistaken as prolific goal scorers in the English Premier League.

    An exception to this is Thiery Henry who is easily identified as one of the greatest strikers to have played in the league since its introduction in 1992.

    So, what is the most number of goals that have scored in a single season of the English Premier League? And how many have achieved 30-goals in a season as week keep an eye of Vardy and Lukaku, who are on the due course.

    Let’s take a look at the top ten players to have scored the most number of goals in a single season of English Premier League.


    10. Wayne Rooney


    Goals: 27
    Matches: 34
    Goal Ratio: 0.79
    Season: 2011/12

    Wayne Rooney is on his 14th season in the English Premier League out of which 12 are with Manchester United. Despite rated highly as a teenager during his days with Everton and a big money move to Old Trafford, it is highly debatable if he is to be considered as one of England’s greatest striker.

    Rooney has only surpassed the 20 goal mark twice in his entire Premier League career. First was in 2009–10 season where he finished with 26 goals when he finished as the league’s top goal scorer.

    And in 2011-12 season, he net 27 goals and in this occasion he finished below Robin van Persie.