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Saturday, 18 March 2023
Sunday, 19 March 2023

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The top flight of Spanish football, or the La Liga, has been widely touted as the best league in Europe for the last five years. Coupled with the Premier League, these two are widely off the charts compared to even the other elite competitions in the continent.

While the upper division in England is known for its fast-paced gameplay and physicality, its Spanish counterparts lean more towards the technical side of the sport.

Quite easily the most technically proficient, and skilled footballers are found in the La Liga, and the yearly FIFA awards plus their exploits in European competitions are enough stats to back this claim.

Dominance of the Spanish Football in Europe

With the incredible wealth of talent the league possesses, it’s no wonder that they hold considerable sway in the continent, be it achievements on the team level, or of the individual nature.

Clubs from the country have secured 18 Champions League titles in total, with Real Madrid alone contributing 13 of those.

The record by Los Blancos is not only the absolute best in the competition’s history, but disregarding AC Milan, they have more than double the medals of any other team. The Royal Whites won the inaugural five trophies in a row, while no other club other than Ajax, and Bayern Munich could make a claim of even three straight victors’ medals.

On top of all this, the Madrid outfit delivered three crowns on the trot in the modern era too (2015/16 – 2017/18), while no other team has even managed to defend their title once.

Europa League has experienced this same domination, with 11 crowns being secured by clubs from the nation. Particularly, the performance of Sevilla is one that deserves recognition. Not only have they made claim to a hattrick of titles, but they possess a perfect 5-0 record in finals.

In terms of individual achievements, the most coveted Ballon d’Or has been won an extraordinary 22 times by players from this league, with Real Madrid supplying seven different players for the award, and Barcelona, six. And impressively, the previous ten years on a stretch has seen a player from La Liga lifting the sought-after medal.

The period from 2009-2012 saw absolute domination by Spanish clubs, and so did 2015-2016, as the top three shortlisted for the prestigious award constituted entirely of La Liga players. Especially 2010 was a notoriously great season, as all three were from a single Spanish club, Barcelona.

The 2012 FIFA FIFPRO Men’s World 11 was completely comprised of La Liga players, with five each coming from Barcelona, and Real Madrid, and the remaining one from Atletico Madrid.

The European Golden Shoe too has been under the jurisdiction of players from this league, with the number of wins exceeding double that of any other campaign.

Moreover, the last eleven straight years have seen a player from the Spanish top flight getting away with the bragging rights of the Golden Shoe.

Finally, with Zinedine Zidane, Diego Forlan, Lionel Messi, and Luka Modric, the previous four World Cups have seen a footballer from the La Liga lift the Golden Ball for the best player.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona: The Biggest Rivalry in World Football

As old as the history of La Liga is, so is the fierce strife between the top two clubs in the nation.

Add political dissension into the mix, and there’s enough reason for the rivalry to be considered even enmity.

These two clubs have ruled over Spain for over more than half a century, and for sure are considered to be the best of the world as well. The controversial transfer of one of the greatest players of all time Alfredo di Stefano had been the reason for conflict in the mid of the last century, and the reign of General Franco added salt to it. Come the new millennium, Luis Figo obtaining a direct transfer from Barca to the Santiago Bernabeu ignited further battles.

The better part of this last decade saw the absolute domination of two players, Lionel Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo, and both vying to be the best on the planet. With either sporting one of these clubs’ colors, it was enough for millions to wage wars against each other.

With social media witnessing a revolution in the last several years, the enmity just increased.

The battle is still going on for supremacy between the teams, and in all probability, will sustain for the foreseeable future.

Betting Opportunities in the La Liga

The Spanish league, due to their peculiar nature opens up to a wide array of possibilities in matters of wagers. With some of the best players in the world on their rosters, the teams find no difficulty in racking up goals, and certainly there are some usual suspects. In addition, some squads are world renowned for their defensive abilities, and keep a close relation with clean sheets.

Furthermore, with the last eleven years witnessing a La Liga player lifting the European Golden Shoe, the ‘Player’ to score a goal anytime punt, has the most probability in being fulfilled here.

Building on that note, with the level of form the top clubs show throughout the season, results are a favored form of making good and consistent returns. At LeagueLane, careful study is done on the tactics employed by each and every team, and importantly the pressure they are under, coupled with their aspirations and objectives for each season.

The various rivalries and the form of players are also taken into account before a tip is suggested for the user. Additionally, the venue of the game is given utmost inquiry. A principal example for this case if the performance of current champions Barcelona at Camp Nou, their home ground, and in road avenues. The team shelves out goal-riots one after the other in front of their home crowd, while falling behind once the home advantage is taken out of the equation.

One important parameter to be considered in terms of La Liga games is the high-profile players that ply their trade in the league. Most athletes in the league are the best in their respective nations, and as such, international duty, and the fatigue associated with it is a constant thing to be monitored.

What to expect from La Liga Fixtures this season:

This being a heavily watched, hugely followed, and highly anticipated competition, punters flock to these games in the regular season, and so will the bookmakers with their attractive odds, and staggering returns.

The team at LeagueLane realizes the opportunities lying behind this phenomenon and give our utmost priority to this tournament.

Two to three tips are posted without fail for every La Liga clash forty-eight hours before kick-off.

This season, make it a routine to keep close watch on the articles posted on our site, kick back, relax, and make some money while enjoying the beautiful spectacle that takes place in the hallowed grounds of Spain.