Chelsea FC: Will someone stop the Blues Momentum?


The airs of championship pasts are returning to the colossus of Stamford Bridge, thanks to its new man at its helm, Don Antonio Conte.

So far, for the former Azzurri Boss in his first year, he is making a one tough and resilient squad in the Pensioners, so far riding high with a twelve game winning streak and with a momentum as big as the universe itself.

With the Italian making things happen in these parts of London Town, the Blues without seeing a loss and climbing atop the Premiership table with a comfortable, six-point lead.

The sky’s the limit for Chelsea Blues.

As several of Chelsea’s troubled players in last campaign, now are making a turn for the best in Eden Hazard, Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas on a full revival of their careers, alongside of a triumphant return, lost last campaign under Jose Mourinho.

The Boys are back and with a new twist of putting in display a one of a kind and more dynamic football, that is giving the Londoners a certain top rated status in all the confines of Premiership, with a unique label of unbeatable.

By seeing a new initial eleven looking very confident from start to finish in all of their matches, the Blues can overcome those 87 points they netted on the 2014-15 campaign then under the Portuguese at their helm.

Now with Antonio Conte the odds of finishing much higher are endless and possible.

The Italian Boss is one odd man to display and put in effect a very effective 3-4-3 formation, with a lone David Luiz, Cesar Azpilicueta and Captain Gary Cahill to become a shield to any of the opposing squads strikers and defending successfully the posts of Thibaout Cortouis.

Do not count out, Conte’s three men attack, that is putting to the whole of Premiership in a state of siege, if not panic from its threesome making all sorts of havoc towards the opposing squad’s posts.

Another major feat for the Blues is that they have enough talent to go around and despite the transfer market opening on Sunday, the possibilities of seeing a new face in these parts of London will be something for Conte to decide.

With a roster of promising and established players, no matter who is in the naughty list of suspended or injury, for Conte is all about the exposing of his players to the grand opportunity of being in the starting lineup as well these delivering.

Alongside of inciting a certain internal competition from his entire group to see who will seize the initial spot in the next match, despite the Blues absence from any European competition, for Conte will be a good way to prepare his squad.

The question arises if the Blues will test the waters of the winter market to reinforce some of its areas of need, despite Oscar leaving for the Chinese Premier; the need for more players is nothing that worries its Manager.

For now, this group will do and deliver the ultimate of shields in the Barclays Premier league Shield, if this bunch continues its mastery in EPL and remain unbeatable for the rest of this campaign.

There is no stopping the Chelsea Blues now and with a match against Stoke City again repeating at Stamford Bridge, the heat will be on for these intrepid chaps to continue their mastery in the league and setting up more records.

For now, the question arises in all football circles in the English Premier League, who will stop the Blues cold?

Fern is a History Major born and raised in Tijuana and San Diego. He is currently working on his book about Soccer in America which will be published soon. And it will be called ‘Soccer Americana Style’.