Ryan Giggs: The Perennial Incumbent, who is not helping himself at all

Ryan Giggs Manchester United

A favourite son of United, Ryan Giggs has waited patiently for his chance to coach the Red Devils, but there is one thing that is holding him back, and that’s his unwillingness to hone his craft somewhere else.

Giggs signed for the club in 1988, making his début three years later, by any and all measures, he went on to become a club legend. He made 632 Premier League appearances, starting in 522 of these.  He ended his career with 13 Premier League medals as the most decorated player of his stellar generation.

At the end of his career, his focus clearly shifted towards management post playing, and when David Moyes was fired prior to the end of the 2013 season, he took over as interim, player-manager. Seemingly ‘promised’ the job once he did retire, Giggs was overlooked for Louis Van Gaal.

Now, with that train-wreck finally over, again, he was tipped to take over, however, now all signs point towards the arrival of Jose Mourinho.

Stonewalled again, Giggs is now being dangled with the carrot of the Under-21’s role to further his development while Jose runs the show. Manchester United are desperate not to lose him, and he is desperate to get the top job. It seems like an easy decision, but, he keeps getting passed up, and it’s because he isn’t willing to leave to develop his craft. No matter what, he isn’t helping himself.

Granted he could have been promised the keys to the Red Devil Kingdom, but, now being passed up again, he can’t afford to wait. He has a choice. To either stay and work with the Under-21 team in an environment he knows, slowly learning his craft or, take the plunge, be daring and go somewhere else and really test his mettle.

The fact of the matter is, the days of the long tenure are over. Once Arsene Wegner is finished at Arsenal, there won’t be another manager who stays longer than five to seven years in one place. The best managers in the past decade; Mourinho, Benitez, Blanc, Pellegrini, Koeman have all moved to newer pastures to develop their craft. Out of their hands or not, they have been willing to go new places. Ryan Giggs, right now, is showing he is not.

In new environments, you pick up new things, new tactics, new trains of thought and new ways to motivate players and cultivate talent. Of course, Sir Alex Ferguson will always be an exception, but, he’s been gone for a while and times have changed.

Bottom line is, Ryan Giggs has an opportunity to stay and be the replacement should the Mourinho experiment go wrong, or he could leave. Develop his skills as a manager and as a motivator and ultimately give Manchester United no other choice but to bring him back. Right now, he isn’t helping himself, and frankly, helping Ryan Giggs is not, and should not be at the top of the priority list at Old Trafford.

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