We launched Premium Website in April

Football Betting requires Long-Term Strategy and Patience.

Football Betting is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, the same applies for tips sent via email in LeagueLane Premium Subscription.

Patience along with a proper stake management is key for those who want to make profit from football betting over a long period of time. A decent return of investment lays in the region of 2%, while ROI in the region of 5% is achieved by professional bettors who place 500 to 1000 dollars on each bet.

Most premium tipster services advertise 70-75% win ration, we have no proof to confirm this, but these figures are too unreal to be true. Feedback from our visitors throw further light to the fact that these are just made up to attract new customers.

While, a winning ration of 45 to 55% can be achieved in real. And you are at the wrong place and game, if you think you can hit the jackpot with small stakes placed of accumulator slips, even if it is playing doubles daily.

Please note that LeagueLane do not recommend our visitors to place high stakes. Your ideal stake must be not more than what you cannot afford to lose, or easily put, the money you can spend on entertainment.

‘Sure Bets’ and ‘Fixed Odds’

Do not get cheated or scammed, stay away from anyone offering Sure Bets or Fixed Matches.

  • Every day, we get plenty of queries on Sure Bets and Fixed Games.
  • Does Sure Bets and Fixed Games really exist an available.

To begin with, it is important to understand these are two terms widely used to scam. And it has become easy for them to display fake winning tickets on social media and their website. Note, it is quite easy to fabricate a bet365 or betway slip with minimal knowledge of html or tools like photoshop.

We cannot completely rule out the fact that Sports Fixing is a reality, but this information is not easily available to layman.

Watch out for the sites with “we have contacts inside the dressing room of clubs” or an image of “African youngster going to holiday in Europe”.

And it is typical for these sites to run business through chat engines of Whatsapp and request money through Western Union.

To sum up, these kinds of tips are non-existent and therefore, it is important to stay away and put an end to chase the same.

Terms & Conditions and Fair Use Policy

  1. You must be at least 18 years old to join the Premium List of Subscribers. In some countries the age limit for sports betting or gambling may be more than 18 and it is the user’s sole responsibility to act in accordance with their local laws.
  2. LeagueLane do not or cannot provide any guarantee on the outcome of the analysis written as articles on the website or those provided through mediums such as e-mail, social media or Telegram.
  3. We do not provide the analysis and football tips as betting advice or financial management advices.
  4. Extreme caution while using our analysis for gambling: Sports Betting is taking a chance with money and therefore it is the responsibility of the user to use his money wisely and sensibly.
  5. Do not play with money more that you can afford to lose, if you need support with gambling related issues, please visit gambleaware.co.uk or read our responsible gambling guide.
  6. To comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), LeagueLane deletes the contact details of for users from European Union within 30 days of subscription end date. We do not share your personal data with third parties, regardless of your location.
  7. All contents in the website and those sent through other paid platforms is for personal use and they must not be copied, forwarded or shared in a public platform, just not limited to social media or whatsapp. We hold the right to ban such users without a notice.
  8. A Premium Membership does not account for one-to-one consulting with a subscriber.
  9. Any attempt to troll or abuse members of LeagueLane’s editorial or writer team will result in immediatelge in termination of membership.
  10. Disruption of Service or Days without tips are common due to various circumstances not only limited to scheduling of football games in bad and extreme weather conditions and cancelling of games due to players testing positive for covid-19.
  11. LeagueLane reserve the rights to alter the terms on condition at any given time.

Last updated on 1 February 2021

Refund Policy

  • Effective from February 2021, no refunds will be provided for Subscription Plans.
  • A full description of the service is explained in the earlier sections of the page and thus it is a user’s sole responsibility to understand it or send query to confirm if it suits his/her requirement before subscribing to the service.

Subscription Plans for Season 2020/21

MembershipPriceDaily EmailsTelegram AccessRefunds
1 Month€ 11.99YesYesNo
3 Months€ 22.99YesYesNo
1 Year€ 69.99YesYesNo