Pochettino set to spoil Mourinho’s Manchester United dream

Jose Mourinho’s dream to take over Manchester United is now in Jeopardy as the club’s chiefs are in talks with the agents of Tottenham Hotspur Manager Mauricio Pochettino.

United see Pochettino as a man who can lead them long term and deliver trophies as well as good football” as reported by Neil Custis of ‘The Sun’.

Now it seems that Mourinho is being left out in the discussions, the paper also adds that “similar conversations are ongoing between Old Trafford chiefs and Mourinho, who is desperate for the job”, but now it seems that Pochettino is likely to land the Job.

Many people doubts Mourinho’s ability to fit in at Old Trafford despite his huge success with Chelsea in the past. On the other side, an interesting candidate is Manuel Pellegrini who will be a free agent at the end of the season.

His constant rifts with the press and inability to manage to manage a team more than two seasons doesn’t seem to have gone well with the Old Trafford board.

Mourinho experienced his worst season as a manager in his whole career with Chelsea after the team was left struggling at 16th in the English Premier League table. He was eventually sacked by the Chelsea board and since then being heaving linked to take over at Manchester United.

Together with Pochettino, there are a total of eight candidates in Woodward’s shortlist to replace Van Gaal at the end of the season.

At the same time, Pochettino have captured the heart of fans at White Hart Lane with Tottenham’s impressive run in the Premier League this season. His stock continues to rise steadily after developing a young team at a rapid rate.

This gives the ex-Espanyol and PSG defender an edge over Jose Mourinho and seems he has captured the heart of United chiefs. But Tottenham won’t let go easily except United are ready for a big fight.


  1. Ive always thought that Poch is a great mananger one of the best, and I predict he will soon prove it Whether at WHL or at Old Trafford remains to be seen Would he jump and head for the Red Devils? He might, for the right money, but I sitll think he is more inclined to staying a year or two more with Spurs and winning the league with them, As for Saints fans, we should not be too bitter, the only way we dcould have held on to him would have been if we had kept Cortese, and I sill think letting both Poch and Cortese go was a huge mistake I question whether KL is prepared to make the necessary investment to take Saintas into the big time.Mourinho? I just cant see him at Old Trafford, sorry. i still think he is suffering from burn out, his career in football is over IMO.

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