A valuable win for Pochettino and Spurs, eyes Title Challenge

Mauricio Pochettino Tottenham Manager 2015-16

Keeping a close chase over the league leaders and cross London Town foes the Chelsea Blues, despite the Pensioners nine-point lead, Pochettino and Spurs have not given up on their aims of winning the Premier League title.

After back-to-back draws in their past matches and their last one considered as an all-around upset against relegation prone Sunderland, the Spurs were in need of a win, a valuable one.

So far with a lone score over a decimated Boro, the Lilywhites took the lead they would never surrender in the 58th minute via a penal taken care by Harry Kane, after Son Heung- Min get fouled inside the area by the visitors defender Bernardo.

After all, the Spurs playing at home they are a force not to mess with and these after a total dominance in the match offensively, the side of Aitor Karanka really stood its ground and denying the likes of Kane, Heung and Alli.

Any liberties inside their area and its defensive backfield really stood bravely over an attacking and always dangerous home side that never gave in its quest of putting the scores well above their foes reach.

With a brilliant Victor Valdes in the posts for the Smoggies, these had a tranquil afternoon despite the push and fierce attacking Spurs front, that at the end with a blink of an eye the rest became history and the locals rise to the occasion with a brilliant win.

An afternoon with plenty of technique and amazing football by both sides, still the ambitious desires by the locals of putting the final change was the difference maker at the end.

Especially for the Spurs Boss Mauricio Pochettino who reached a milestone under the helm of this North London club by reaching his 100th match in charge of the White Hart Lane Bunch and so far, he is doing a one of a kind job.

This match became a one on one duel between the two elevens and seeing the Spurs triumphant at the end, and after the Spurs score the visiting Middlesbrough started pressuring and a the end surrendering to the locals defense.

The Spurs with this win once again will be heading to Anfield and play a decimated Liverpool and a win as well an odd result for the blues can give this club the necessary motivation to mount on a winning streak until the end of this campaign.

Very well the positive levels of confidence for the Londoners is visible and these can became more mentally prepared to not let matches against squads considered as modest end in just a simple draw or a lost.

After Liverpool, the return to White Hart Lane against Stoke City and then going to Goodison Park to play Everton all three matches considered crucial for the Lilywhites in their aims to reaching the league top.

For now, they need to focus one match at a time and not surrendered anything to the opposition and continue their march ahead towards the ultimate of goals, the Premier League title.

Fern is a History Major born and raised in Tijuana and San Diego. He is currently working on his book about Soccer in America which will be published soon. And it will be called ‘Soccer Americana Style’.