Nasri denies involvement in Valbuena’s sex tape scandal

Samir Nasri has openly denied involvement in the Mathieu Valbeuna Sex Tape blackmail scandal which has so many French internationals like Karim Benzema implicated.

France international and Lyon Midfielder Mathieu Valbuena got entagled in a sex tape with his girlfriend, which slipped into the hands of blackmailers and they tried to extort money from the midfielder.

Samir Nasri has spoken out on the claims that he was connected in the blackmail attempt of his fellow country man Mathieu Valbuena.

Samir Nasri denies cognition of the blackmail scheme

A French daily Le Monde laid claims that the Manchester City star Samir Nasri had knowledge of the blackmail plot against Valbuena and perhaps was involved, but Nasri strongly denied and stood his ground that he is innocent.

“Someone from ‘Le Monde’ newspaper contacted me to ask for a reaction, Nasri told
RMC Sport.

“I told him what I thought. But I have not managed to read what was said. I will have a discussion with him [Valbuena]. I honestly do not care about this sex tape story.

“It is not my problem, not my situation. If he wants to mix it all together because I know people who have been cited and if he is saying that I wanted to be implicated, it is his right to think that.

“In any case, he has no right to dirty my name or to cite it if I am nowhere.

“He could have seen that there was not a single wiretap that concerned me. I do not speak to the people concerned.’’

Nasri familiar with the suspects

The blackmail scandal which has gone viral both in media and off media has so many French international teammates both current and former linked to it.

Thou Nasri acknowledged he knew two of the suspects believed to be involved in the scandal; Axel Angot and Mustapha Zouaoui, but he strongly denied being involved in the case.

“Yes, I know Mustapha Zouaoui. I grew up in the same place as him,” Nasri added. “He knows my family but we have not spoken for eight years. I therefore do not see how my name could have come up in this.

“And Axel, I knew him practically at the same time at Mathieu. It is he who trusted them, who had a relationship with them and he is the one who has been duped.”

“In no case do I want my name to be associated with them because I do not speak to them. My name has nothing to do with this case.

“If they had come up with a plan to bring out names and mine because they know me, that reflects on them. But that Mathieu does not put me in it. I have never called him. I do not want him to put my name into this situation.”

Football Federation has a strong stand on the case

The French Football Federation (FFF) has declared publicly of its intention to file civil proceedings on the case which involves Valbuena and Benzema who was charged with conspiracy in the blackmail attempt.

Bodies like FFF are able to take civil actions and lay compensation claims under French law if they perceive any form of damage or injury or shame is brought upon them as the case evolves.


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