Wages of Messi and Neymar will put Barcelona in Financial Fair Play Regulation problems

    An impending compulsory rise in Lionel Messi’s Barcelona contract and the possibility in extending Neymar’s contract with Barcelona is seen as a threat on the financial status of the club and tends to put them below the Fifa financial fair play regulations.

    A staff of AS reported that Messi will get a rise in salary from June 30, while the Neymar’s contract renewal which includes a high pay packet is on the way.

    Gimenez of AS claims this high rise in players salary means the Catalan club will look for increase in club’s income in order no to fall a victim of Financial Fair Play Regulations.

    Gimenez also added that if Barcelona fails to meet the required standards, the consequences would be great.

    We have reported in early December that Barcelona will be forced to sell Messi, Suarez and Neymar as the wages paid to the trio “MSN” make up to a staggering 73 per cent of the club’s overall revenue.

    AS also noted that Neymar and Messi were not the only players receiving fat wages, as players like Sergio Busquets, Andreas Iniesta and Luis Suarez are all on a massive pay roll.

    Barcelona are also on the verge of exceeding the salary spending cap set by La Liga, going on £319 million of a permitted £320 million per year wages said AS.

    Making sure Messi and Neymar remains at Barcelona is the club’s top priority and supporters will be delighted to hear the players are contented.

    The situation gets worse for the catalan club as they not only have little room to use in terms of wages, but it was reported earlier in the season that Barcelona has no money to spend in the winter transfer window according to Luis Miguel Sanz of Sport.

    Its an embarrassing thing for a club like Barcelona after selling so many players in the summer, they are still short of money.