Are Manchester United Above A Maverick ?

In the last week the warmth seems to have faded on a couple of potential protagonists supposedly on the march to Manchester and, for the life of me, I can’t begin to comprehend how. When did the air around Old Trafford turn from despair to being selective?

Do not get me wrong, Jose isn’t my utopian candidate for the role of manager but he is a necessary evil, believe me. We wanted a developing coach first and we got one in David Moyes and, guess what, he failed miserably. We then wanted the throwback of nostalgia to once before but given that Fergie wasn’t willing to tear off the flat-cap and lift off the tartan blanket from the director’s seats we took that adrenaline shot in Ryan Giggs whom didn’t exactly pull up trees.

After that we wanted the master tactician; a man whom had a sound record and rave reviews: we wanted a man with a bigger reputation than the stumbling, bumbling players and we got the stumbling and bumbling (and really quite mumbling) Louis Van Gaal. So why the history lesson? Because each of these was the media’s choice and although they report it as likely the media is also trying, seemingly, to talk United out of Jose Mourinho.

Seen by many as too brash, egotistical and too much of a centre-piece to sit in the heightened dug-out of Old Trafford, Jose Mourinho has everything needed to be the main man at Carrington; there is no dispute in that regard. The problem is that Jose Mourinho is a maverick but my strong belief is that we need that. Google defines a maverick as ‘an unorthadox or independant-minded person.’ So what if Mourinho is independent minded!? Who is he listening to, if not himself? The media? The players? (God forbid) Ed Woodward?

Okay, so lets pretend Jose is ruled out or rules himself out. Then what? Well, instantly we get on the blower to Diego Simeone, naturally and he in turn rejects us and says why would he take what is now a backward step to come to Old Trafford? Fine. We do the ol’ fashioned ‘We didn’t want him anyway’ and turn our attention to Mauricio Pochettino who says that he’s just finished in the top two of the league with Spurs (I am not prepared to go out on a limb and predict that) and that he is more than happy. Laurent Blanc? A man who has won a league where my local pub team would be comfortably second. No thanks. Giggs? Oh come on, now…

Look at the facts: Jose is out of work and actively wants the job. That is the worst kept secret in football outside of the world of broken fax machines.

And whilst I’m ranting and raving, why-oh-why are a certain section of Red Devils getting the hump over Zlatan Ibrahimovic saying he wants to play for United? The first time I read that a United fan wouldn’t want a past-his-peak Zlatan I had to read it again three times before I believed it.

Now I won’t pretend that he is anywhere near the same personality but I remember Henrik Larsson landing on his feet on loan at United and Zlatan’s game does not rely on the athleticism of being young. Zlatan (not unalike Mourinho) wins; it’s what he does. He has fourteen league titles in five different countries and 102 goals in 115 games in all competitions at his current club. How can you turn that down?

To bring this rant to an end, Manchester United has quite rightly faced heavy criticism this term and my major critique is the lack of leaders on the field. Well for no introductory fees we have a Portuguese mastermind and a Swedish general actively asking to join us. Manchester United are not above a maverick. Ask Cantona, Ronaldo and remember the great George Best. These are the precisely the men I want to see at United.


  1. Everything is well described with a precise clarification of the issues. United need match winners, this club is all about beautiful football and trophies. Fans like have enough with the excuses.

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