Man United poised for worst finish in Premier League era

The home defeat to Southampton dropped Man United out of the Champions League spot and are in danger of sinking further down the table.

The blow Charlie Austin’s debut goal inflicted on the Red Devils is an eye opener on what to follow in recent weeks.

For fans who still dream of the foregone days what Fergie brought to the club since the beginning of Premier League era.

While it’s a plain truth that the Scotsman is irreplaceable, this may also reflect the poor state of management by the club hierarchy. They were left clueless and are still, hanging by a thread inviting huge fury from majority of Manchester United fans.

Louis Van Gaal’s stint at Old Trafford has no positives despite many accounting this for Premier League being the most competitive league in the world. But in reality, this argument still need to be proved.

But one fact that everyone accepts this season is the way Manchester United play – boring and the cheapest medicine for those suffering from insomnia.

This could have been excused if the team is producing results as the teams who play the most entertaining football may not always win.

Ed Woodward and Co. – Masterminds of Destruction

The Manchester United board and especially Ed Woodward, who has repeatedly proved that he is a mastermind in doing senseless business has brought this club to a point of no return.

Starting from the appointment of David Moyes to his sacking and some of the transfer business he did during Van Gaal’s first season in charge raise some eyebrows.

The one of Antony Martial is an absolute madness together with Depay, but the highlight should be on record transfer of Di Maria, a player Van Gaal rarely used during his first season.

And in this December, when the team is performing miserably and were at the risk of dropping into mid-table, there has been no movements in the transfer market.

LVG will Leave just before the Ship starts to sink

And Louis Van Gaal, even under tremendous pressure might be thinking he is doing all he can to save United’s “broken” ship. But evidently his ways are not bearing fruit.

It is time to face the reality as Louis Van Gaal is going to face a different music in weeks to come. And do not forget this is a manager with some history of leaving the post by himself when going gets tough.

Van Gaal did this with Barcelona and later at Bayern Munich, both when the teams were struggling in the league and he blamed the relations media, fans and eventually the respective boards as reason for his resignation.

The manager who claimed his team is built on strong defensive platform slowly lost his bait as even those teams in the bottom half of the table were able to breach the lines of Smalling and Blind.

There is no need to talk about the goal scoring woes again and again, well they have just scored 28 goals and conceded 21 from 23 matches so far.

5 to 10 : Where will United Finish at the end of the season ?

Manchester United finished fourth during the 2014/15 season with 70 points with a win percentage of 52.6% at an average 1.84 points per match.

And currently they are fifth in the league table at 37 points and have a moderate 43.4% wins at an average of 1.6 points per match.

During the same period of 2014/15 season, they were third in the league table with 43 points after 23 matches, 52.1% wins and average 1.87 points per match. So the numbers dropped slightly as they reached the end of the season.

Unlike previous season where Tottenham and Liverpool were considered to have outside chances of finishing inside top four, all the teams from 5th to 10th have a chance to finish third and fourth at the end of the season.

It is pretty sure if they go at this rate, United will finish the 2015/16 season with points just below 60. And if you take a close look at the state of the table at the moment, one may be astonished to find that this could land them anywhere between 5th and 10th at the end of the season.


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