Forget Mane and Kane; Man United must buy the German

Man United must get the most consistent German on the planet to solve their woes, while Mane or Kane may look like good deals, but the Bayern Munich star is a different class.

It’s that time of year again, I’m afraid. All ready the rumour mill is full effect and the seemingly random transfer generators are spinning.

In short Man Utd are signing Neymar. No they aren’t; they’re signing Ronaldo. Sorry, I mean they’re getting Reus. You get my point ?

On a domestic front United are quite rightly linked with the cintillating Riyad Mahrez, the hitman Harry Kane and the bombastic Sadio Mane for fairly substantial amounts.

But why? For me (and a lot of others) not only is some of our domestic talent overrated but also hugely overpriced. For me the answer to Manchester United’s woes lies in Thomas Muller.

Don’t chortle as you are, I assure you I am deadly serious. Kane is a terrific young player but I’m seeing the £50m price tag in the same sentence as his name quite a lot and why? I don’t care how much money Muller costs. Legitimately.

This summer, if Louis Van Gaal truly wants to end his career in a title the only forward that can realistically propel him there (outside of Messi and Ronaldo) is Herr Muller.

The man is built for the Premier League and has honed his skills in the Bundesliga that, for my two cents, is as similar a league as you’ll find to the Premier League in terms of style.

The main strength, in my mind, is his consistency. I firmly believe that here it doesn’t matter what team he is at he would hit 20 league goals for any of the top ten most seasons.

This is down to him being able to score in any system. It really doesn’t matter whether he is in a possession-based 4-3-3 or a direct 4-4-2 he will score the same amount of goals.

He scores on his right, his left, his head, when the ball is cut back with a cross or played 15 yards ahead of him. The theme, simply put, is that he scores. A lot.

Manchester United have been prone to switching players about the pitch on a regular basis and it is no secret that Mr Van Gaal favours a versatile player.

See any problem there for Muller? No. Me neither. Muller will score you goals as the main striker, the ‘number ten’ and more recently from out wide.

Again, I say at the risk of waxing lyrical, he scores goals from any position.

But is it realistic? Yes, depending on the resolve of two of the three parties. Muller said in the summer just gone that he will ‘always have a special relationship with Louis Van Gaal’ which poured petrol onto the flame.

You know, I know and my next door neighbour knows United have the financial power to support a deal and the open mind to do it depending on Bayern’s asking price. So do it. For me. Please.

And though he has recently renewed a deal I shall remind you that Luis Suarez signed a long term deal 6-months before being jet set for Barcelona.

Things can happen in football and I hope the ground shakes this summer.