Louis van Gaal confident that Man United can qualify for Europe

Louis van Gaal believes Man United can secure Champions League qualification despite their 3-0 lost to Tottenham on Sunday and four points behind fourth placed City rivals, Man City.

United succumbed to 3-0 in a space of six minutes in second half by Tottenham thanks to Deli Alli, Toby Alderweireld and Eric Lamela goals in 70, 74 and 76 respectively.

What can be fascinating to halt United’s Champions League qualification is, if Man City win the Champions League this season and Liverpool win Europa league, as in UEFA Law not more than five Clubs must represent a federation in UEFA competitions.

Man United chances of qualification is a bit narrow as they have 53 points and has five games to go but Van Gaal is optimistic his side can make it.

“No I’m not giving up hope, every team can lose from everybody, so still we are in the race.

“But of course when you lose a game you have to close the gap again, and that’s more difficult. I think that Tottenham is a great team, and I said also that before the match,” the Dutchman said.

Louis van Gaal, however was satisfied with how his boys played and insist miscommunication affected them.

“I think we were a good team who were playing good, in Tottenham, and also had a big chance for a goal, so you cannot say that the way we have lost is a big negative result.

“But the way we have played until the first goal was good.

“Until the first goal you are at least an equal team. I think the better chance was for us with Martial, big space and big time for him.

“I think we give the goal away with miscommunication, and within five minutes we were out of the game.”