Liverpool 1-1 Tottenham: Match Review

Liverpool 1 – 1 Tottenham. A truly breathless and high octane game of football with the draw a fair result between two very evenly matched teams who went all out for the win.

Little to choose between Liverpool and Spurs

With both Jurgen Klopp and Mauricio Pochettino favouing a pressing game, it is perhaps no surprise that the game was played at a breakneck pace. Both Liverpool and Tottenham played their part in what was an end-to-end game with magic and mistakes aplenty. The fact that there were over thirty shots on goal between the two sides pretty much summed up the sort of game on display. With punches flowing freely from both teams, the match resembled a boxing match between two heavy hitters trading punches in hopes of landing a knockout blow.

Both sides had gone close with a number of chances but with 51 minutes on the clock, Liverpool landed the first meaningful blow. Picking up the ball in his favoured left channel, Coutinho dropped his shoulder before driving towards the Tottenham goal. A quick one-two with Daniel Sturridge left the Spurs defence bamboozled as the little Brazilian strode unchallenged into the box. With a swing of his right boot, Coutinho caressed the ball into the bottom corner, giving the diving Hugo Lloris absolutely no chance. Spurs were staggering and Liverpool smelt blood.

Yet Liverpool’s advantage lasted only a little over 10 minutes. A long ball from Toby Alderweiveld found Christian Eriksen free on the left flank. With one touch to control and a second to flick it into the box, the Dane sent the ball in the direction of Harry Kane. There seemed to be little danger when Kane took his first touch to control the ball with his back to goal yet with a quick turn and a swing of his right boot sent the ball screaming past Simon Mignolet and into the goal. Just like that, Spurs were right back in the game.

The last half an hour saw both sides continue to trade body blows but the knockout punch never game. With both Liverpool and Spurs throwing everything at each other, a draw seemed the fairest result.

Harry Kane outclasses Daniel Sturridge

With both Liverpool and Tottenham providing a large proportion of the ENglish contingent, Harry Kane and Daniel Sturridge were among the players who met at Anfield as opponents having played in the same side days earlier. 22 Preimer League goals this season mean that Kane’s will be spending his summer in France as England head to Euro 2016. In contrast, Sturridge still has a lot to prove in the upcoming weeks as he only has 4 goals to show in what has been yet another injury hit season.

Apart from his brilliantly taken goal, Kane was a really handful for the Liverpool defence all game long with his tireless running and pressing. Always trying to make things tick, much of what was good with Spurs’ football went through the young Englishman.

Watching Jurgen Klopp yell at Sturridge to get more involved in the game as the first half came to a close pretty much summed up his day. With a huge change to put Liverpool ahead midway through the first half, Sturridge failed to display his usual composure, smashing his shot into the legs of Lloris instead of burying it into the goal. It was no surprise that he made way for Origi with 20 minutes left on the clock.

On the basis of this game, Kane should start for England in France while Sturridge will count himself lucky if he’s on the bench.

Advantage Leicester City

The pained expression on Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino’s face at the final whistle said it all. Despite Tottenham’s best efforts, they could only manage a single point at Anfield in what is proving to be a thrilling title race between two unexpected contenders. While the hard fought point has reduced the gap between them and league leaders Leicester City to four points, it could potentially grow to seven points if Leicester City beat Southampton.

With by far the best goal difference in the league, Spurs have done little wrong this season and would be deserved title winners. Leicester City’s fairy tale from bottom of the league a year ago to top today though is a far more engaging narrative that has most neutrals rooting for them. While there’s still a handful of games to go, Spurs might just have blown their chance of lifting the title.