Like an Elephant in the Tree, How did Leicester get to the top ?

    Leicester City and Elephant up the Tree by SJ Frampton for

    Leicester City is Like an Elephant in the Tree, We Don’t Know How it Got up There but we Know How it Will End.

    At the time of writing this I am sat waiting patiently for the unexpected yet enthralling top of the table bout between Manchester City and… Leicester.

    This is fascinating. I don’t mean to be patronizing (well I do a bit) but Leicester have been playing far beyond their capabilities in such a fashion that some are even backing them for the league title. This, in its own right, is even more fascinating.

    “So, how did Leicester get to the top? This is an interesting question and there is no simple answer.”

    In my mind it is mainly (though not solely) down to two men. Jamie Vardy has been heralded, and rightly so, for his goal scoring heroics but until recent weeks Riyad Mahrez has flown under the radar.

    I do not exaggerate when I say he would walk into the line-ups of Chelsea, Man Utd or Liverpool. The man is top class and he is showing it consistently. Take Mahrez away and Leicester would be mid-table where they will end up in my opinion.

    In a normal season Leicester would not be close to where they are but they have been the main beneficiaries of the gap betwixt mid-table and Europe closing.

    In the summer we saw Max Gradel join Bournemouth (whom Jose suggested was player that could get in his Chelsea side), Yohann Cabaye link up with old friend Pardew at Palace and Xherdan Shaqiri ended up with Stoke.

    This means we see more and more ‘lesser’ teams find match winning moments which means big teams slip up more. And for me, this is why nobody has pulled away.

    It seems every year there is a smaller side that climbs really high and, although this is unprecedented, Leicester are this year’s edition of yesteryear’s Southampton.

    Eventually they get found out. Eventually their lack of strength in depth is shown. Eventually their heroes wear. And finally, eventually the big boys pull their thumbs out.

    “And so, like this elephant, we don’t know how it got there but we all know how it will end.”