Leicester seeing red and ironically fighting for safety from relegation

Claudio Ranieri and Mauricio Pochettino by Gettyimages

So far, the defending champions Leicester City has seen a sort of championship hangover as many squads go through after their stellar year or contrary.

Whoever thought that last campaign sensation are no now becoming the pity in league circles after dropping another important match and now are fighting for their permanency in the ranks of Premiership.

Is something to share in Ripley’s unbelievably!

So far, for the defending champions this campaign has seen a sort of championship hangover as many squads go through after their stellar year or contrary, in the case of City their performances are not worthy of a championship club.

Playing in front of their faithful in a near sellout in King Power Stadium, the Foxes not even in their condition of locals could stop the push that lately has possessed the Academy of Science lads.

Still the way the Emperor Rainieri of a 4-4-2 formation sent with a couple of strikers to try a spark in its offensive attack sending Islam Slimani and Shinji Okazaki at its front to try to make Everton’s Keeper Joel Robles life impossible throughout the whole ninety minutes.

Unfortunate for the City squad, their offensive attack envisioned by the Emperor never took off.
As Leicester Boss did not foresee how the Toffees Boss Ronnie Koeman in his formation used for his initial eleven, his backfield became a bit lethal to his hosts plans that at the end the locals could decipher how to score against their guests.

The Dutchman sent a very complicated 3-4-2-1 formation with Romelu Lukaku as his sole striker to start havoc on the posts of Kasper Schmeichel.

For Rainieri time is becoming his worst enemy as the way he try to make some changes in his starting elven, once again became short of the one of a kind performances his squad gave last campaign and putting Ryad Mahrez in the bench to later come as a sub.

Once again his moves in his lineup puts in doubt the consistency of Claudio Rainieri to start a winning streak for his club and coming short and losing another important match as well three points that could uplifted his squad.

After that amazing win over Man City on December 10, the Foxes have not been able to win a match and only netted four points out fifteen in play, in what many thought this were to be easy matches, which did not happen.

With back-to-back matches at home, the Foxes hope for the better with a win over another struggling squad that lately is battling its demons and is making an effort of getting away from the abyss of relegation.

As West Ham comes to town on New Year’s Eve, maybe the Foxes can have its complete initial eleven and come inspired to close this year, on appositive note that can uplift their player’s confidence into the second half.

For the Foxes Boss, maybe in the upcoming transfers market he may try to reinforce its ranks with a player that is of the likes of N Golo Konte, missed a lot after this went to Chelsea, but in the case of the Leicester City chaps, these be considered complete.

A match that finished even in the first half, the second was all about the dominance of the Everton chaps that in the 51st minute Kevin Mirallas sent the whole of the Toffees section into frenzy.

As the match continue its course and the visitors exhibiting all the weakness of the local’s backfield, on injury time many saw an opportune and valuable play from the Toffees striker Romelu Lukaku in the 91st to seal the deal.

This win away for the Everton Boys as they inflicts a big blow to the City chaps and putting a dark cloud at King Power Stadium with the airs of relegation returning to haunt this squad after their impossible feat last campaign.

Will they stay or they will they go to the ranks of championship and is Rainieri out of options and lost his magic touch and is facing a mutiny, no one knows but Leicester City is in need of an all-around miracle to salvage their campaign.

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