Leicester City proved football that it is not all about the money

Riyad Mahrez and Jamie Vardy Leicester City

Leicester City dared to believe and are on the way to reaping the rewards. When other teams would have fumbled already especially over the dreadful Christmas period, Leicester held their own.

After a decade away from the premier league, Leicester city managed to stay in the top flight in their first season after an amazing run in the last leg of the second half. A seven match winning run in the last 9 fixtures kept them up comfortably and they have kept that optimum level of form throughout this season and lead the league with 7 points ahead of their closest rivals. The Foxes had only achieved this with persistence, hard work, teamwork and plenty a dash of courage.

Two years after been promoted from the championship as champions they are on course to clinch the English premier league with obvious limited resources. With the crazy bidding for players trending right now in football due to the smaller teams overselling their best players to the bigger teams and other aggregated factors. But it is still astonishing that this Leicester team had cost a meagre £54.4m; only some hundreds of thousands more than man city’s most expensive buy, Kevin de Bruyne.

The current PFA player of the year, Riyad Mahrez cost the Foxes a modest sum of £400,000; which goes a long way to prove that team cohesion and the right scouting together with a great coach can take you to great places, as evident in a team like Athletico Madrid.

Money does buy you titles, as books have been written on this, backed up with certain obvious statistics as evidence. Still Leicester has also shown a template, that it’s possible to compete with the best teams. A template that consists of the will to win, the right players, not necessarily the best; and a great coach. In the end, foxes have proved that money doesn’t always win.

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