Karim Benzema in trouble again for driving without licence

Karim Benzema, the Real Madrid striker was caught by local Police for driving without a licence near Atocha in the center of Madrid. The French international was on the way to meet some friends for dinner while he was stopped by the Municipal Police.

The Police refused to accept the document which Benzema claimed to be the provisional permission to drive while he goes through the application process to get a new licence from France.

According to report from Cadena SER the player received a ticket for not abiding the law and his vehicle is detained.

This is the second such incident in which the Real Madrid striker is getting involved, the earlier was on May 20 where he was fined €18,000 for the offense of driving without a license.

Karim Benzema’s driving license was revoked two years ago for 8 months after he appeared to break the the speed limit on Madrid’s M-40. after his license was suspended two years ago. The police officers could find no evidence that the player completed his compulsory re-education course after his license.

The player escaped from arrest for the moment but further charges is set to follow and the Real Madrid security services arrived to collect the player; according to Cadena SER.