Karim Benzema blackmail conversation leaked

The media has released an unproven conversation between Karim Benzema and Karim Zenati relating the Mathieu Valbuena sex tape scandal.

A yet to be proved copy of a telephone call transcript involving the Real Madrid Striker has been leaked, where he tells Mathieu Valbuena “if you want the sex tape to be destroyed, come and see my friend in Lyon”.

Last week, Karim Benzema was charged by a Versailles court with conspiracy and attempt to blackmail in their alleged plan to extort money from Lyon midfielder Mathieu Valbuena.

Valbuena is yet to speak to investigators
, whereas Benzema’s agent, Sylvain Cormier claims that his client is completely innocent and also is “absolutely calm and beyond reproach”.

On Wednesday, ‘L’Equipe’ and ‘Europe 1’ released a transcript in which they claim is a conversation between Benzema and his friend Zenati. The transit which is dated towards October 6 shows that Benzema told Valbuena: “I’m here to help matters. You need to see this guy. He will come. He will speak to you.”

“I am with the French national team until Sunday. If you give me your number, I will give it to my friend. He will come to see you in Lyon. It’s your life but I warned you eh?

“I am helping you. Look, I don’t give a s***, it is not me. I came to see you. If you want the video to be destroyed, come see my friend in Lyon. You see him directly and you speak with him, you send nobody.”

According to the transcript, Benzema told Zenati: “He said to me: ‘What do they want?’ I said to him: ‘I do not know. My aim, my thing ends here, you see, my train ends here. Now my friend [Zenati], he takes the matter up. He is the guy who knows the person, there is only one person who has your video. I do not know him but my friend, he knows him.’

“There you go, I said that to him [Valbuena]. After that I do not know what he will do. He will call his agent, he will say that they have the video. I said to him, listen, there is no intermediary, no lawyer, no friend, no agent, no police, it’s not what you want.”
Benzema’s agent said the full transcript was not released and claims some key information have been omitted.

“The press have information from an ongoing investigation. Who is giving them that information and why?” Cormier said, he also said the conversation were carefully selected in parts by the media to be shown to the public.

“During the conversation…Karim Benzema declared that he had told Mathieu Valbuena not to pay. This declaration apparently does not interest anybody.”

Alain Jakubowicz, a member of Benzema’s legal team told French TV station BFM on Monday that the case is wearing the striker “down” but that he will do his utmost best to clear his name.

Jakubowicz said: “Karim is down and feels that he has been singled out. He is being dragged through the dirt and wants to fight for his dignity.

“Someone is feeding the press. In the best case to inform [them], in the worst case to damage the reputation of Karim Benzema. We will not stop until we find out who is behind all this.”


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