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Friday, 4 September 2020

Saturday, 5 September 2020

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Football is back and K League is about to take center stage

Fans have been deprived of football for quite some time, and K League is here to give that elusive and immediate fix for the junkies of this fabled sport. The domestic league of South Korea is about to kick into action on 8 May and has garnered worldwide attention.

With some of the big names in football taking a break due to the pandemic, it is certain that this competition will be in the limelight for the coming months.

As you know by now, analyzing the specifics of games and getting into its minute details have been the favorite past time of experts and this has been a welcome news for us as well.

Betting markets are once again about to get lively, and with some smart number-crunching, let us make some extra dough in the process.

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What makes this game so appealing to the masses? Is the glamour and all the hoopla surrounding it? Maybe. But more than that, it’s the fact that the game is played with mind so much as with the body. It allows us to be a part in this incredible spectacle without being one of the best athletes in the planet.

Just think - what makes a match exciting to you?

More than wanting a particular team to win, it’s the feeling of wanting ‘your’ team to win. You might be not on the pitch, but you are every bit involved in the game as are the players.

Each passing second you are analyzing countless passing lanes, through-ball opportunities, and potential goal attempts. And we just puts a professional touch to this process.

We go in deeper, each team is analyzed to the last detail – be it the players’ form, their past performances against similar opponents and in similar circumstances, the playing style of the squad and if it has an advantage over that of their rivals, and so on.

K League and LeagueLane - the duo of the season

Leading betting sites are turning their eyes towards the South Korean league, and this is huge news. A lot of money is about to injected into the wage market, and with a little guidance, it is the right time to make your entry.

Keep an eye on this page for periodic predictions and tips about the K League. And when we say tips, it does not mean a simple forecast as to who’s going to win. No, as we said earlier, we go in deep.

Along with prediction on the winners of the match, we provide a lot of other tips – the likes of who’s about to score in the first half, the number of goals to be expected in the match, who’s about to complete a sweep and win both halves and so on.

Importantly, we back our predictions with detailed and dedicated reasoning. And it’s posted along with the tips for you guys to make an informed decision.

So, come join us in this exciting journey, enjoy the matches, and make your wallets a little bigger along the way.

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