Just Win! – The New Year’s resolution for Liverpool

Robert Firmino-Liverpool FC-2017

What a win to close this 2016 for the Liverpool Reds, after overcoming the odds and dominating a match in its entire ninety minutes and maintain a win considered as valuable.

In what many dubbed this bout as the game of the week and one that had all the elements of an all-around Derby between two of Premiership giants.

The Liverpool Reds were to play the Manchester City Citizens, once again the face-off between Pep Guardiola and Jürgen Klopp was to renew, from their Bundesliga days last meeting in April 2015.

This time we had a new scenario in the English Premier League and with two foes that now each other and with rivalry that spans from quite sometime and considered as spectacular and contested in this league.

This so called clash of the Titans, to close the New Year with a bang, as both squads were in need of a much-needed win and keep their chase towards the top spots in the league currently held by the London giants Chelsea FC.

Nevertheless, closing the year with a win, a treasured one by the Reds Boss Jurgen Klopp, is something to be proud and happy- as the chase is on behind the Londoners, making it interesting despite the Pensioners six points lead at the top of Premiership.

For the Sky Blues seeing their luck going down, as December has not been a kind month for them, despite important win over Arsenal, their lack of attention and focus has been a factor for those two losses against Leicester City and today with Liverpool.

As Pep Guardiola so far stated that, his aims are not the league shield but maintain his squad among the top four on an interview given in a English tabloid, as this squad is built for much higher and spectacular spots.

In the case of the Reds, after losing key matches against modest Bournemouth and Burnley and a draw against West Ham, so far has shadowed the Reds push to the top and maybe if these odd results not happen, we had a different story in the EPL top.

Still tonight’s match that sent the whole Kop into total a state of turmoil, after seeing their Boys delivering an important step towards one of their main aims, the league shield and returning this club into the top spots of this league.

Closing the year in a high note is something to celebrate loudly and with the prospects of reaching new heights after the arrival of one of the managers with a winning mentality in football as the way he wrote his own history during his days with Borussia Dortmund.

A win to cherish but with a price for the Liverpool squad, as these have a rare Monday match against relegation prone Sunderland FC and for Klopp and company, they must play this match with the utmost of respect and not underestimate his foes, despite their struggles.

Challenging and not an easy enterprise for Klopp and his bunch as the heat is on and with a little luck these can see a stumble in the first place Blues and it’s when the time, is appropriate to take over the league top.

At the end, work is still to perform by both of these men as for Pep Guardiola, these two losses in a single month, raises a red flag in the confines of Etihad and maybe it is time to make some adjustments in his eleven.

That at the end could spell into positive results for his Citizens and allowed to be in contention.

For Jürgen Klopp so far the latest results earned are delivering as he anticipated after taking over the reins in Anfield and in little amounts, he is seeing a positive outlook of what is to come and the arsenal he counts on the field.

Not relying just in one player but in the initial eleven he places in the field, as one or two of his front men are seriously guarded, he has other opened to cause damage to the opposing squad as in today’s hero of the match midfielder Giorgio Wijnaldum.

This win sows off the importance of each one of his players in the field and bench, a the moves the German makes, so far are greeted with excellent results for his Reds.

The author of the lone goal in the 8th minute and was sufficient thanks to a stingy and overzealous Liverpool defensive backfield that calmed and dominated the Citizens attack all match long until its end and you know its outcome.

Liverpool is a becoming a serious foe to mess with, if Manager Jürgen Klopp maintains his squad consistency in its results we may have a possible championship back at the Kop, win is the word!

Fern is a History Major born and raised in Tijuana and San Diego. He is currently working on his book about Soccer in America which will be published soon. And it will be called ‘Soccer Americana Style’.