Jose Mourinho: The Special One takes the Special Role at Manchester United


Former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has signed to become Manchester United’s new manager for next season. There had been rumors of Mourinho replacing Louis Van Gaal at Old Trafford for the most of 2016 and after a few days of negotiations, both parties have agreed on a deal.

The special one brings two things with him where ever he goes; Ego and success. He believes he can win, and has backed it up wherever he has gone; Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid.

His antics are known, but his blind drive to succeed will often supersede that. His appointment has given both concerns and joy to United fans.

On one hand, there are people worried that the club will become a spending machine that will only find success through the size of the check book. On the other hand, people see his appointment as a way to restore the winning culture to the club that has been dearly lacking in recent years.

Credited with imparting a firebrand style on every team he manages, he has a happy knack for creating an eye catching brand of football which is either win big, or lose big. Either way, you don’t stop playing his way.

His appointment brings a wealth of possibilities for United in the transfer market, one seemingly all but delivered is the arrival of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. A man with an equally large ego, but with the talent to back it up, just like Mourinho. The two work well together and should he arrive in Manchester this off-season, fireworks will be a plenty. Although with the emergence of Marcus Rashford, the high-price purchase of Anthony Martial, Wayne Rooney and the return of young talent James Wilson, United will be flushed with striking options which will have to be balanced between pleasing the need for immediate success against the development of youth.

In all, the appointment of Mourinho is obviously a double edged sword. Your either going to win big, or go down in a blaze of chaos. He brings success and bleeds trophies, but his ego, should it go unchecked can spell disaster, just as it did with Chelsea last season. It’s a fine line to walk for Manchester United, but ultimately, it’s a line they have to walk, they cannot afford to repeat the doses they have given in the last five years.

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