7 Innovations in Online Sports Betting Tech

7 Innovations in Online Sports Betting Tech

At a breakneck pace, the sports betting industry has become one of the largest in the world. Initially, bettors visited bookmakers, made a bet on the selected team, and waited for the end of the match. Nowadays, every person can make a bet on sports events with just a few clicks. All required is to open a bookie website like https://in.parimatch.com/en/cricket on the device and participate in, for example, live betting.

Convenience and functionality of the bookmaker site is the main thing that attracts the user. In this regard, the online betting industry is constantly evolving, creating, and offering bettors more different technologies that can be useful when visiting an online bookmaker.
Over a few years, many technologies have been adapted or created to improve the online betting process. The ones that have made the biggest impact on the sports betting industry get into the list of 7 innovations in online sports betting tech.

List of innovations in online sports betting

The success of a particular technology in online betting depends on how successfully it has been integrated and easy to use. If the user is interested in technology and he can use it without any difficulties, then its application can be considered successful.

Also, another factor is the globality of technology in the world, since the use of a little-known technology may be insignificant. Thus, that technology did not give any impetus to the development of online betting and its use is not justified.
The technologies, included in the list, have an incredible impact on the gambling industry. They expanded it, attracting more and more users every day.

1.Cryptocurrency payments

Recently, cryptocurrency has been showing high growth and more people are mining it. Those who have wallets with cryptocurrency and bet on sports especially appreciated the possibility of replenishing their accounts and making withdrawals using this currency just with a few steps.

2. Live information and streaming

One of the key features of online betting is betting on live events. And the main convenience is the ability to watch a live broadcast of one or more events thanks to the built-in live TV. Besides, statistics are available for each match which updating during the event.

3. Cybersport betting

Computer games are not only one of the forms of entertainment. They have also become an official sport. Dozens of MOBA and shooter game tournaments with huge prize pools are held annually. Unsurprisingly, that the ability to place bets on eSports events has started to appear on many bookie websites.

4. Online betting mobile applications

Mobile applications are used in all spheres of society: calling for transport, ordering food, and so on. The online betting industry has also taken advantage of this technology and now many online bookmakers are available in the form of simple and convenient applications with high speed and wide functionality.

5. Customer support technologies

If the client can resolve his request within a few minutes, then this is a satisfied client. On bookmaker websites, to solve any situation, except for the usual call center and email box, there is also an ability to write a message via online chat or through popular messengers, such as Whatsapp/Telegram.

6. VR technology

Virtual reality technology has become a breakthrough in an innovative direction. Thanks to this technology, people can immerse themselves in additional reality and influence it. In online betting, this technology is successfully using to watch matches, simulating the feeling of the bettor’s presence at the game, as if he were on the tribune.

7. Online database of matches

For bettors, who are placing huge bets on the different sports events important to have all the needed information. In that case, online statistics of matches comes in handy. Using this database, a user can analyze the history of previous matches and, depending on that, place proper bet and get a reward.