Magic of Ibra: The difference maker at Manchester United

Zlatan Ibrahimovic-Manchester 2017

It looks like the career of the Swede has taken a turn for the best and with a scoring streak in league play, so far his contributions have awakens Man United, this dormant giant into a contender for Premiership top spots.

For Zlatan his contributions on the field by being on target have delivered so far for his Boss Jose Mourinho who deposited his trust in getting him to Old Trafford, despite objections by many and look at the results.

As the Manu Boys currently in a six game in the positive and moving on up, it looks like we can see a contender and a much-anticipated contest to the top of Premiership.

With all the squads looking forward to unseat the London Boys of Chelsea, we have an ambitious group looking forward to make it happen all over again in this edition and by back to back wins, we may see them among the top four soon.

In the case of Ibra his performances once again are like the superstar he is and with his scoring sense back and causing havoc on opposing squads, his goal tally of 18 goals for the campaign, including Europa and Premier Leagues all together.

Very well between Ibrahimovic and Diego Costa in the overall scoring race shaped by one goal difference, as the Blues man has the edge with just one goal difference over the United striker and this at the end can become another contested race.

“Speak of this chap’s potential and with more to come.”

It looks like the confidence is back not only for just Zlatan but the whole of Manu players some seeking to restore their Boss confidence back to him to get a vote of trust and see a continuance in their Trafford career.

So far, the arrival of Mourinho has delivered a Community Shield and won over none other than Leicester City, and being in Semifinals of the EFL Cup and now labeled as all around favorites to take the UEFA Europa League Shield.

This can translate once again to the arrival of trophies to the halls at the colossus of Trafford Way once again, treble sounds like the kind of squad in the Red Devils are familiar, and Zlatan is one of those contributors.

Still the league close its first half and by far Zlatan has become an important part of Mourinho’s initial eleven and adapting himself once again to the Portuguese 4-2-3-1 formation characteristic of him and that has delivered many shields.

Long gone are the days of controversy of Zlatan, something his well-known off, that was at Parc des Princes and now at Manchester he is a changed man and playing in the field with elegance and chivalry that is delivering for his squad.

Taking one match at a time and calmly, the Swede is poised to continue his mastery over opposing defenses and goal boxes to deliver to his team and contribute in his best way to turn this club once lost grandeur into its long lost glories.

When he’s not scoring he is passing and generating plays that finish with a score in favor of his squad, a new man indeed, as he is contributing enormously to his club success and resurgence.

So far with the winter market opening, the prospects of seeing another set off stellar in the frontal attack of United, does not bother this chap, as he is poised to elevate this club into the top.

As United front office already is making moves in the winter market, and names of the likes of Antoine Griezmann, Gabriel Barbosa, Jose Gimenez, Edison Cavani, Mattia Caldera or Kaspar Belbes, to mention a few.

With his wisdom, experience and sense of score he can make Manu frontal attack into an offensive spark as well making a wonderful duo with whomever the Red Devils think tanks get to reinforce its side and contend for the league shield until the end of the campaign.

Still for Zlatan, his aims are to win and showing a resolution and spark like in its early playing years and looking very enthusiastic in every match ninety minutes of playing time, were he gives his best.

Despite the grand performance and campaign shaping for Ibrahimovic to develop until this end, this is a team effort and with eleven players in the pitch the experience and leadership of this chap is making a whole grand of difference for the Red Devils.

The wizardry of Zlatan Ibrahimovic is making the difference for Mou United chase for the league top spot and title as well, if this continues, why not we may see a foursome at Old Trafford in the end of this contested campaign.

Fern is a History Major born and raised in Tijuana and San Diego. He is currently working on his book about Soccer in America which will be published soon. And it will be called ‘Soccer Americana Style’.