A Guide for Soccer Betting and Strategy

Aron Wright - July 28, 2019

The team sport, soccer is one of the best sports for entertainment, passion and hobby. Betting on Soccer game is entertaining and interesting. Some people do it for fun, while others favour winning the bet. If one has a piece of good knowledge about the sport and can learn how to bet, it is easy to bet on the soccer game at Betway.

So, what is it that makes Betway soccer betting so popular? And how do you get to do more while betting on Betway?

In this article, let’s first see the common type of bets in the soccer game.

Common type of Bets

There are many popular leagues in this famous game called Soccer that one could bet. European Premier League, Champions League, La Liga, European Championship and FIFA World Cup are some of the most popular leagues in this sport.

The most common type of bets is: Parlay, First Scorer, Money line, Point Spread, Over/Under and both teams to score.

Bets on any Soccer match depends on Win, Loss or Draw. Unlike other sports, ‘draw’ is also taken into account as an important factor to decide the wager on the bet. It is because there are high chances of the teams to tie in the match, without scoring a goal. And, therefore, the bets on ‘draw’ also yield better wager, after the result of the game.

Betting on soccer game depends on the result after the regulated time; that is, the result does not depend on extra time. Even if there is a change in the result due to extra timing, the result depends on only the ’90 minutes’ of the game.

a) Parlay:

This type of bet involves a person betting on different teams to win, lose or draw a match. Since the risk is low, one can place numerous bets. The win or loss of the bet depends on the fortune of a person on that day. Since there are numerous bets placed by a person, there is a high potential of increase in wager return.

b) First Scorer:

The First Scorer is the bet that depends on a person’s capability or a team’s capability to score the first goal. Someone who has the knowledge and is not emotional about a team or player can win this bet easily. One who has assessed the team’s capability or a player’s capability can bet on the team or a person for the first goal. The win on this bet also depends on the windfall of that day.

c) Money-line:

The money-line bet involves the chance of winning the bet with three events: win, loss or draw. This bet does not calculate results based on the penalties or overtime. But, sometimes, it might include the penalties also. So one must be aware of what they are betting beforehand.

d) Over/Under:

This bet involves the number of goals scored by both the teams in a match. Therefore, a person places a bet analysing the flow of the match. Since Soccer is a sport that doesn’t have a bigger win in terms of the number of goals, the line is set normally to 2.5 goals. One can bet below or above that in a match, after analysing the capabilities of both the teams.