Gary Neville talks about his biggest challenge at Valencia

The newly appointed Valencia boss Gary Neville has disclosed that his lack of fluency in Spanish remains his biggest challenge as a manager at the club.

The former Man United defender was appointed as head coach on December 2 to work till the end of the season.

His first game with the side saw a 2-0 lost to Lyon in the Champions League last Wednesday before a 1-1 draw away to Eibar in the La Liga on Sunday.

And the 40-year-old has expressed his frustration regarding the inability to speak Spanish to his boys.

“It’s obvious that I need to learn the language as quickly as possible – that is the biggest challenge.

“It’s the only challenge because one of the big things about me is that I can communicate well in English about what I want but I can’t do that in Spanish.

“I’m relying upon some very bad, broken Spanish at this time and also translation, which loses its impact,” he told Skysports.

“You want that impact to come with these big words and you don’t even know if the translator is getting the impact across and the emphasis on words that you want.

However, the former England International hinted that despite his struggle with Spanish, his deploying possible role to make things work.

“It’s something that I’m conscious of, I’m trying to make it as simple as possible. I’m having meetings with three players at a time rather than 23; that’s the way we work with England, anyway.”

Neville also hinted that he targets a top four finish at the end of the season and this is the minimum he expect.

“I think to say that we can win the La Liga is too much, too difficult, unrealistic. I think that’s where we have to be – top four and think about winning a cup.”

The excerpts are from Neville’s exclusive interview for Sky Spots with Guillem Balague.