French Soccer Allowing Fans Back From 10th July

    This year, sports activities all over the world have been shrouded with a lot of uncertainties following the global health and security issues that continue to affect thousands of people. Nonetheless, major sports leagues all over the world are now determined more than ever to bring things back to normal.

    While leading football leagues like the EPL, La Liga and Bundesliga are already back in action, games are being played behind closed stadiums. The French Ligue 1 has also confirmed that it will be resuming football action soon, despite being only Europe’s top league to cancel its 2020 campaign due to health concerns.

    Despite the ongoing health concerns in the country, the French authorities have confirmed that they’ll be allowing fans back to football stadiums starting from 10th July. However, only about 5000 people will be allowed to attend games initially, until the situation improves.

    According to the French Football Federation president Noel Le Graet, more spectators can get access to the French Cup final venue. The match is scheduled for the end of July, before the top-tier Ligue 1 returns at the end of August. That comes as good news not only to French football fans but also for punters who enjoy wagering on soccer on Betway.

    What’s next for the Ligue 1

    After calling off the league earlier this year, the Ligue 1 crowned PSG as the winner for their 2019/2020 campaign based on their points and matches played. Most soccer fans expected PSG to claim the title, though not many, especially those who like placing wagers at, would have expected the title race to end this early.

    Following the decision to cancel this year’s campaign, PSG’s bitter rivals Olympique Marseille were left to take the second spot in the league after recording 56 points in 28 games. However, the court ordered the suspension of Amiens and Toulouse from relegation, considering that the league ended prematurely.

    Despite the court’s decision, the French League has voted to keep the first division to a maximum of 20 teams. According to a statement issued by league officials, there were a total of 23 votes to retain a 20-team league with two abstentions. That’s despite the court’s recommendation to play the league with 22 teams next season to accommodate new entrants, Lens and Lorient.

    According to the French Soccer Federation, it’s not feasible to have 22 teams playing in the league due to the health impact on the players. Increasing the teams in the league would mean that each team involved would have to play more games, calling for adjustments in the broadcasters’ contractual obligations and television rights.

    Bottom Line

    As Europe’s top five leagues continue looking for measures to guarantee player security during matches, the French Ligue 1 is already considering how to get fans back to the stadium.

    However, the French executive committee is yet to discuss the necessary measures and the new calendar for matches next season. Nonetheless, that’s a great sign considering that most leagues in the world are still looking for ways to keep fans off stadiums until things get better.