Fans demand apology from Louis Van Gaal after Stoke defeat

Fans demand apology from Louis Van Gaal for for going 7 games with out a win and 4 games on loosing streak and just wish he would be sacked by morning

Louis Van Gaal’s men showed a sorry display and were totally outplayed in the first half by a strong and determined Stoke City at Britania stadium.

After struggling with just one win in their last four games, Stoke were determined to make use of United’s recent slips as they went straight to the business with an early but well deserved lead.

The Potters attacked right from the beginning and never slowed down as United were left clueless and found themselves two goals behind as the first half ended.

The second half was a case of who desired it most and the answer was clear. Stoke had just 3 shots on target against United’s 6 but it was enough to give them the desired 3 points from the game.

Though United played better in the second half, but the damage had already been done, and the party was already ended before they came.

Going by this form, United will soon discover Chelsea down the table and perhaps by pass them if Chelsea’s form should improve.

Some United fans around the world want Louis Van Gaal sacked by morning after loosing the boxing day game, one of them was asking for an apology from him as he requested from the journalists during his pre-match team talk.

“How about him apologizing to United fans for the stale football, bad results and the fact that United are out of the Capital One Cup, Champions League and English Premier League top 4 before xmas and after boxing day”.

One of the fans cried out bitterly, “There has been nothing remarkable at Manchester United under Louis Van Gaal except for the spectacular spending, He should apologize to United fans for going 7 games with out a win and 4 games loosing streak, i just wish he would be sacked by morning”.

Louis Van Gaal stormed out of his pre-match conference after he demanded an apology from the media, the conference lasted for a little less than five minutes.


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