Eva Carneiro gets FIFA backing in legal case against Mourinho

Eva Carneiro received a boost in her legal case against Jose Mourinho after Fifa’s medical chief Michel D’Hooge announced his support for her.

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho is facing a legal court action by Carneiro in the aftermath of her departure from the club in September this year.

“She did her job, she did her duty – when somebody is medically in trouble she has to intervene. Of course she has my support and the whole medical committee’s”; commented D’Hooge.

“I have had email contact with her and she is very happy with the global support of the medical world in football” he continued.

In a separate suit, the Gibralter born sports medicine specialist is also seeking a claim from Chelsea for constructive dismissal.

The incident kick started on the opening day of English Premier League in Chelsea’s 2-2 draw at home to Swansea. Mourinho was seen fuming at Carneiro and head Physio Jon Fearn who went on to the pitch to treat Eden Hazard after being called on by referee Michael Oliver.

Chelsea was momentarily reduced to nine men in the final minutes of the game as goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois was already being sent off.

By August 8, she was then dropped from first-team duties after Mourinho heavily criticized both John Fearn and her for going on to the pitch to treat Eden Hazard resulting in Chelsea to play with nine men.

She was axed from first-team duties in August together with Physio John Fearn and eventually left the club on September 22.

The new developments are a bitter blow to the Portuguese manager who is already under axe for his team’s performance in the league this season.