Equal Pressure on teams in Liverpool vs Dortmund clash

Liverpool boss Jurgen Kopp is not under pressure going into the second tie of their Europa League game against Dortmund at Anfield on Thursday night.

The Reds managed a 1-1 draw in the first leg in Germany last Thursday, thanks to Divock Origi’s lead and Matt Hummels’ equaliser for Dortmund.

Both Dortmund and Liverpool are poised to qualify to next round of the competition but with Jurgen Kopp’s side advantage in tonight’s return leg, pressure is not greater than Liverpool.

“I don’t think we are under particular pressure. What we are presented with is a great chance to get to the semi-final and it is rare to have a chance to win a trophy.

“It is not a question of pressure. The last few weeks has given us confidence. When you think about only the second half against Southampton (they lost 3-2) was a step in the wrong direction

Jurgen Klopp believes his players have matured mentally and trust themselves in every game.

“We are better prepared than a few months ago when I started here because now we are together for six months and that helps a lot.

“We are growing as a group, believing more in things and there is no doubt about the things we do. That is what has given us confidence. It is not important what I say here, it will have no impact on the game tomorrow.

“It is a good sign for all of us that we trust the players and they trust themselves.”

The Germain tactician tasked his players to raise their game and eschew fear.

“Dortmund can play better but so can we. We have to do better. Against Dortmund you can’t just defend, there is a balance between attack and defence.

“Forget about last week’s game, we have to go into tomorrow’s game with a different attitude and we certainly won’t be flying a white flag. It is always about being brave, especially against a high-quality team.

“With each offensive action the opponent have they grow in confidence and you become smaller and smaller so it is really important because everything can have an influence on the positive side, negative side.

“Being brave is one of the most important things in football.”

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