English Premier League Betting Tips and Advice

    The English Premier League is potentially one of the most popular leagues in the world. Punters follow their teams as they place bets on Betway and other sportsbooks. If you want to take your betting a notch higher, this is your guide. Read on to learn some tips and get advice on how you can bet on the English Premier League.

    Read Premier League Match Previews and Statistics

    The premier league is very competitive, and there are times when smaller teams beat big teams. The league usually has up to six teams that can win the title. Therefore, before placing a bet, it would be best to read match previews and statistics.

    To get your predictions right, you must do an in-depth analysis of the games you want to wager. Statistics reveal the relative form of the teams; you can see their head-to-head statistics to see if one team has the edge over the other. In your analysis, look at the teams’ home and away form.

    Another critical thing to look for in your analysis is team injury news and predicted lineups. If a team’s leading scorer is injured and they don’t have a worthy replacement, that could mean the team might not score as they usually do. The decisions you make should be data-driven.

    How to Select Teams To Bet On

    The biggest miscalculation you can make as a bettor is to wager on your favorite team. You should also not place your bets based on the odds on sportsbooks like Betway only. After doing the analysis, try to come up with your odds and compare it with what the sportsbooks have.

    In the premier league, there are those teams that perform better at home than on the road. You should identify such teams.

    With this strategy, you can get great prices on lesser teams, especially if they are up against a bigger team that is hit with injuries.

    Understand the Betting Market

    In the English premier league, there are numerous pre-match markets. You need to understand them so that you select the appropriate one for your bets. Some of the markets you will Encounter Are:

    • 1×2 Full-Time Result
    • Asian Handicap
    • Correct Score
    • Total Goals
    • Over/Under
    • Both Teams To Score
    • Win To Nil
    • Half-Time/Full-Time
    • First GoalScorer
    • Anytime GoalScorer

    Understanding these markets comes in handy when you wish to back a certain team, but their odds are short on the fulltime outcome. On the other hand, you might find that the odds for a win to nil or Asian handicap market are better.

    Having an understanding of how the markets work can be a great skill for any gambler.

    Watch the Premier League Matches

    The best way for punters on Betway and other sportsbooks to stay updated is to watch the matches. When you watch the matches, you’ll have a full understanding of the team’s strengths and weaknesses. And since the premier league is very competitive, having first-hand information can make a huge difference.

    Don’t just watch the matches for the fun, watch with the eye of a punter. Note team strengths; look at the form of their star players and other match stats. Listen to what the matchday pundits have to say about the teams. When you do this, you’ll be better equipped to make informed choices.

    Have A Budget and Stick To It

    You might get caught up in chasing that jackpot win that you end up using up all your money. To enjoy your betting, you must be disciplined enough to have a budget that you follow strictly.

    Remember, in the EPL; anything can happen. When you lose against all the odds don’t push it. Stick to your betting strategy and budget, and your betting experience will not be regrettable.