An English Summer: A look at England’s prospects at Euro 2016

I am quietly confident about the summer, as an Englishman, and England’s chances within Euro 2016. Not quite in the ‘I won’t write an article about it’ manner but quiet in the ‘I haven’t told people in the pub that I am confident’ manner. I digress. I think there is a lot to be optimistic about in France, though I must stress ‘optimism’ is now around and about the Quarter Finals. So, if you are still here, hear me out.

This is judgement day for the blithering Hodgson on the sideline. His contract expires after the tournament and, with the FA likely to have learnt lessons from Fabio Capello’s pre-World Cup contract renewal, will most likely only be renewed after a positive or successful campaign. There, simply put, must be improvement. And so Hodgson is going to go for it. This is, after all, his targeted tournament and if Tim Sherwood said we can win it who is anyone to disagree ?

I am very, very keen to talk about the forward options for England as I am so very enthused about them. We’re looking at the probability that the duo that went to the World Cup may even struggle to make the plane (or train) to France. This highlights the development we’ve seen in the likes of Harry Kane.

Harry Kane could be one of the stars of the summer. Then you have the magic man; the hit man. The man that will keep opposition’s scouts up all night: Jamie Vardy. I’ve waxed lyrical about Vardy in a previous article so I will minimalize it and suggest that there is no full back looking forward to facing Vardy. They’ll get the same amount of shut-eye as the scouts. With Rooney coming into real form England have goals in them. Make no mistake.

The point has been raised that England are a better team now that there aren’t as many world class players in the squad. We have done away with playing through certain players in every attack. For England to win we don’t need to keep funnelling the ball through Gerrard or Lampard. We can really play behind the full-backs with the pace and energy that England have always had. I am excited for this.

What I really want to see is England accept that they can’t outplay Germany, Spain, France and company and play to their strengths: the counter attack. This summer, more than ever, our squad will be pacey and nigh on ballistic.

So, as you can see, I’m quietly confident. I can see it now: Russia and Wales playing whack-a-mole knowing they can’t double up on Rooney, Vardy, Kane and Sterling. It is very much in the dithering hand of Roy, though, lest we forget.

Get the right blend of experience and vibrancy, one of the reasons why Michael Carrick should play and England can have a good ol’ fashioned, jolly good whack at the Euros…Ol’ bean.

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