A double dose from the Spurs dynamic duo seal the deal

Dele Alli and Harry Kane

Dele Alli and Harry Kane are one amazing duo and scoring machines, after delivering a blow to the local Hornets in Vicarage Road and marking a start for their squad haul towards the league top.

The Spurs delivered two back-to-back wins over Southampton on Wednesday and today in New Year’s Day over Watford, with just four days’ rest.

Still the double and four match winning streak marks how things are on an all-time high on North London, that is to ready itself of what to come in league play, as White Hart Lane is to brace for another edition of the London Derby.

To play at the colossus of White Hart Lane when the Lilywhites are to play a surprising and resurgent squad in this campaign for its winning streak seen as unstoppable and invincible in Premiership, the Chelsea Blues.

In this match Man City, Arsenal and Liverpool will be behind Mauricio Pochettino squad, looking to stop the Blues streak cold and on top add to their cause an important and vital win over the league leaders.

With these notable wins, the Spurs are ready to pick a fight against their archrivals the Chelsea Blues and these playing as locals can deliver a win and three points of gold that puts them near the 40-point mark.

Going back to Vicarage Road and their match against the Hornets, the Spurs came determined and inspired in making a stand against a squad that has netted important wins this campaign over the so-called giants of Premiership.

With an inspired Harry Kane scoring like there is no tomorrow and its partner in crime Dele Alli, these two with their respective doubles edged in what seemed a clueless Orns, that managed to score the honor goal on injury time.

As the Londoners Boss Mauricio Pochettino is putting on the field a much dynamic and spectacular football lately, his hoes are deposited in his eleven come next week to continue his winning streak intact.

Taking it easy and with his squad playing one match at a time and despite their foes position in the table, these play them with such caution and conservatively in not letting their guards down to prevent an unpleasant surprise in the end.

The league top is fuming with all this competition among its top six squads as the majority of squads are not letting go of their spots and some trying to recover that lost ground, tier aims are for the league top and out seat the Blues from first place.

As Poche the Spurs Manager seen at times as a wizard, because of his moves in the field and in his initial eleven, for this match he sported a very unorthodox 3-1-4-2 formation with Kane and Heung- Min up front.

The Spurs frontal attack was complete with Alli, Eriksen, Trippier, Rose and Wanyama as the last one his role was both, in reinforcing the defensive backs and starting the spark offensively, one that worked wonders at the end.

In the case of the locals Manager Walter Mazzari, saw in discontent how his eleven disintegrated and succumbed to a much dynamic and faster Spurs game that at the end became lethal for the Hornets and saw their luck dwindle.

At the end, the afternoon belonged to the Spurs as these put in display a perfect dose of Poche Ball that his initial eleven dominated in the whole match and in the tale of the tape, the statistics showed a one way in favor of the Londoners.

Fern is a History Major born and raised in Tijuana and San Diego. He is currently working on his book about Soccer in America which will be published soon. And it will be called ‘Soccer Americana Style’.