Does defensive mechanism of Jose Mourinho take Manchester United further?


Does the defensive mechanism of Jose Mourinho take a team like Manchester United further whether in the domestic league or UEFA Champions League?

The direct answer is NO but at small percentage YES. This has been seen in the different matches, especially where Manchester United has scored first in the first half for instance and decides to build a defence in the second half for the opponent not to even reach the 18-yard box.

The Manchester United vs Liverpool Match

This was evidenced in the English Premier League tie between Manchester United and Liverpool on 10th of March 2018 whereby after notching two goals in the first half, Manchester United decided to converge in their half to defend the match, the typical African football mechanism.

All this resulted in more pressure outside the 18-yard box and Mourinho was like yeah, “I like that, keep it up, boys”.

But when Liverpool over pressed Manchester United defence, of course, made them make mistakes, one of which resulted in an own goal and two penalty fouls which were under looked by the referees.

After the own goal incidence, now Mourinho started to panic because he feared a draw which could happen anytime. Making substitutes suddenly, but why?

The Manchester United vs Sevilla Match

Now when you look at the Champions League match between the two teams Manchester United and Sevilla, you can see that this was like a surprise to the fans of both teams as Sevilla was inconsistent in all competitions whether at home or away and Manchester United was consistent especially at Old Trafford.

Now Jose Mourinho drafted his defensive mechanisms as he did at Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán Stadium, the home for Sevilla Football Club, in the first league whereby the match ended in a goalless draw.

But due to the fact that Sevilla wanted the away points so badly, they decided to play the attacking style of football which brought pressure in the second half resulting in two goals within five minutes period.

Even if Manchester United had passed Sevilla with a 1:0 goal aggregate which was Jose Mourinho’s target, they would not proceed any further with this kind of soccer since the teams up there are so attacking and goal hungry.

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