Copa America 2019

  • Brazil won the Copa America 2019 by beating Peru 3-1
  • Argentina clinched the third place by beating Chile 2-1

Copa America with LeagueLane

Once again we stare at this celebration of football that is the Copa America. O Jogo Bonito, as it is lovingly called in this part of the world, holds a special place in the hearts of Latin Americans, and who’re we kidding, us too!

This summer, keep your mind free, and just enjoy this spectacle. You don’t have to worry about the various permutations and calculations in play, and tire yourself out with trying to predict the outcomes. Leave it to us.

We’ll be bringing you detailed analysis of games, in-depth scrutiny of teams, and expert review of players. Just sit back, relax, and try to make some money along with us.

The competition is divided into three different groups comprising of four teams each. The original 10 members of the CONMEBOL association along with two guest teams, totaling 12. Each team will play the three others in their group once, with three points for a win, and one for a draw.

Once the group stage is over, the top two teams from each group will move to the Quarter Finals, which would make up six, and finally the two best third-placed teams too will join them, making up eight.

There’ll be a third-place match between the losers of the two semi-finals, and eventually, the Mecca of World Football – the Maracana will host the final.

LeagueLane will publish Copa America Predictions and Match Previews 72 hours prior to kick-off of each game.

Copa America Groups & Teams

We have two-time defending champions Chile, who failed to qualify for the world cup, and is obviously looking to make reparations. We have the hosts Brazil, with a squad so strong, that the players omitted from the 23-man list could challenge for the trophy.

Usual suspect Argentina will be taking a shot at redemption, after heartbreaks in three straight international finals. Competitors Uruguay and Colombia will make life tough for anyone who dares to cross them.

The guest teams Qatar and Japan could cause some serious insult to Latin American football – should an Asian side life the prestigious trophy.

  • Group A: Brazil , Bolivia, Venezuela, Peru

  • Group B: Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, Qatar

  • Group C: Uruguay, Ecuador, Japan, Chile

Who are the favorites?

The favorites are obviously the Samba Boys. The team is so star-studded that it’s almost unfair to the other squads. Brazil has never had a scarcity for great players, and this new generation that cropped up from practically nowhere is a testament to that fact.

Despite their proud tradition of footballing dominance and flair, Brazil has not lifted a major trophy for quite some time. More than that, the wound inflicted by Germany on that fateful night, at their very own home is still fresh, and the Selecao need redemption in front of the world stage.

How better to do that, than to wash their hands off in front of their own fans at the Maracana.

The Underdogs

Terming Argentina as the underdogs might equate to blasphemy. But still, looking at the condition their football is in, one can help but not to feel pity. A proud nation who once terrorized opposition has been reduced to a one-man-army. The team led by football’s tragic hero Lionel Messi just might do the impossible and lift an international trophy in their archrival’s yards.

But, as mentioned earlier, I’ll not be marking them as the underdogs, and condemn myself to hell.

Then, a question arises. Who is the black horse of these talented group of squads?

Qatar gets the vote. Against expectations of many, they have grown as a footballing power in Asia, and it was in full display in the just-concluded Asian Cup. The chance to host the 2022 World Cup has raised the team from uncharted waters to a team that must be respected and feared.

Their run in the continental extravaganza was so phenomenal, that the team practically took the trophy unopposed. They did not even concede a goal till the final of the tournament, which ended 3-1, in their favor.

Here’s to Qatar, the new punk in the block, who just might have what it takes to give the ultimate slap in the face to Latin American hegemony.

Players to Watch

Hop in the bandwagon, guys – we’ve got ourselves a new Xavi. Barca fans were worried at the starting of the season how long it would take Arthur Melo, the new signing from Gremio, to integrate himself into the squad. Three months down the road – Arthur got injured, and the collective cry was – how would we cope without the kid for a month?

Such is his grace on the pitch, that it’s practically impossible to get the ball off of him. He is a natural controller of the game, and dictates tempo of any match with ease. The player is surely on his breakout year, and it can be capped with a Copa win for his football-mad nation.

Richarlison de Andrade is another player to be on the lookout for. Once again, we have another Brazilian sensation on the radar. The lanky striker impressed in the ranks of Everton, helping them in making a great run in the Premier League.

The point-man has gotten a call to the national team ahead of Douglas Costa and Lucas Moura. Yep! The same Lucas Moura who scored a hattrick on the road, in the second leg of the semifinal of the Champions League, against Ajax, to take Spurs to their first ever CL final.

Well, guys, that’s it from LeagueLane. We’re ready for this carnival. Are you?

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